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‘WEI students in every nation except Vatican': Founder gives overview

WEI founder Dick Ady provides an amazing overview of that ministry.

New social media site connects churches of Christ, offers scholarships

A new social media site offers a Christian atmosphere for US citizens.

‘I was one': Online Bible teachers search for receptive students

A student found a Bible course ad in the mud and became that one receptive person.

Preachers email discussion group celebrates 14 years amid challenges

Social media has taken the sails out of many email groups.

Wake up with

by James D. Suiter SULPHUR SPRINGS, Tex.¬†(BNc) – Have you ever wished that we had a morning wake-up radio program in churches of Christ and encouraging programming on…

Video: Preacher gives ‘loving response’ to church promoting ‘Whatever it takes’ to reach lost

GoSpeak/Forthright launches Christendom News service

Twitter serves as a premiere source of news for many. Now GoSpeak offers a collection of religious feeds.

Fla. preacher takes argument for baptism to local Baptist Church in open letter

Gospel preacher cites Baptist authorities against their own doctrine in open letter.

WVBS Video: Kyle Butt talks about problem of suffering

‘Hangin’ out’ with the Jenkins Institute: 2nd edition with BNc editor Randal Matheny

Dale and Jeff Jenkins chat with BNc editor Randal Matheny.

30 years after Mt. Saint Helens

Brad Harrub video In the Shadows of Mt. Saint Helens, 30 years after the volcano exploded.

Ill. elder meets church-error charges head-on

Preacher and elder Ron Thomas has made 20 posts to reply to changes that the Lord’s church is in error.

Preacher develops free brotherhood Bible resources for e-Sword

One gospel preacher has developed over a dozen Bible resources for free.

108-year-old Christian Worker magazine goes online

This journal now puts all its content, and more, online.

Fraud Warning

England¬† (BNc) — A fraudulent e-mail is being circulated requesting funds for brother Trevor Williams in England. Roy Davison

The ascendancy of online news media

Monday, the tide seemed to turn in favor of the online news media, over the traditional print and broadcast, the so-called mainstream media. That’s a good sign for BNc, and we’re well positioned to take advantage of it for the kingdom of God. partners with Baptism365

BNc is proud to announce that Baptism365 website is now a part of the Forthright/GoSpeak family. Read the interview with creator Rick Kelley.