‘Hangin’ out’ with the Jenkins Institute: 2nd edition with BNc editor Randal Matheny

(BNc) — Yesterday, brothers Dale and Jeff Jenkins, of the Jenkins Institute, hosted their second hang-out in the social network Google Plus with BNc editor Randal Matheny. They talked about the Forthright/GoSpeak ministry, especially Forthright Magazine and BrotherhoodNews.com.

The video series focuses on Christian ministry in an informal three-way chat.



Randal and his wife Vicki have lived and worked in Brazil since Nov. 1984. They have three children, two daughters-in-law, and four grandchildren. He likes to read novels in his back-porch hammock. http://randal.us

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  1. Ask Jeff about zip linning in the Dominican Republic!

    • He said he saw you recently. I’m through with zip-lining – did it at the camp here, and it got stuck with me over the middle of the lake. Not fun!


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