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Brazil: Air conditioners stolen off church building roof

The church will install less costly air circulators.

Missionary wife shares personal daily devotional

Long-term missionary wife opens her heart as she looks at Scripture.

Brazil: 10 World English Institute students hear gospel in person

Blane Anderson follows up his online teaching in person.

Book urges decision to obey the gospel

Reviewer: “I don’t remember reading a book that managed to summarize in so few pages the essential truths of the gospel in order for a person to make a decision.”

What 35 years living on the mission field has taught me

The editor and his wife have lived continuously in Brazil since 1984.

Project Reach: Second book for 2019 goes to printer

The book deals with the greatest subjects of the Bible.

Brazilian completes devotionals on New Testament chapters

Valdir Silva wrote them for every NT chapter in less than a year.

Amazon church hosts first ‘fun’ Bible school

Small church discovers how to work together and provide service to children.

7 baptized at Brazil’s Northeast lectureship

This annual event rotates among cities in the Northeast.

Wife considers husband’s death on her birthday a blessing

A wife gives loving care to incapacitated husband for 8 years.

Missionary, editor, author, illustrator Glover Shipp goes home

He was a man who wore many hats, and wore them well.

Kids! If the Bible is our sword …

This little warrior knows the right questions to ask.

Evangelist teaches Bible course to denominational members

Evangelist uses a DVD Bible course to teach the Way more perfectly.

Friend Day in northeastern Brazil pulls in 30 non-Christian visitors

After a trial run, this congregation’s effort paid off.

Bible in English effort leads to 5th Belém baptism for 2015

Good results ensue in this state capital at the mouth of the Amazon River.

Editor escapes harm after car damaged in lightning incident

A lightning strike hurls large debris against the vehicle.

Evangelists use holiday to teach, baptize couple in reservoir

A work colleague hears how Christians today live by the NT model.

The fellowship of evangelism: teamwork brings Brazilian to the gospel

Quick follow-up helps a searcher for truth get involved in a local congregation.

Brazil: men’s event breaks attendance record

The National Christian Workers Encounter bested all its previous records with 520 present.

‘The church meets here’. Brazil congregation understands what the church is

One congregation in São Paulo state shows that it understands biblical teaching about the church.

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