Before baptism, Raimunda removes image from necklace


FEIRA DE SANTANA, Brazil (BNc) — During a visit to her daughter, Dona Raimunda found herself in the right place and time to witness a person being immersed into Christ. Since she had been attending the congregation in her hometown of Serra Talhada and had studied the Bible with them, she decided this was her moment as well.

Before she was immersed, however, she removed a religious image from her necklace. Continue reading

Government gives church use of Urban Social Center, permission to build baptistery

Pernambués saints at the Urban Social Center

Pernambués saints at the Urban Social Center

SALVADOR, Brazil (BNc) — The Pernambués congregation in this state capital has been given use of a 1300-square-foot area in the local Urban Social Center, along with permission to build a baptistery, tentmaking evangelist Miroel Dias Franco said yesterday.

The congregation moved from the Iguatemi neighborhood in January to the Pernambués location. It had been begun by progressive missionaries, who asked faithful brethren to oversee it last year after they left.

The congregation considered disbanding when its rent contract expired last year, but Miroel was able to convince them to move to the Pernambués area, where the use of the Urban Social Center was free. Continue reading

‘He didn’t need to study theology’: Brother baptizes brother

Brother baptizes brother

Lorivan baptizes his brother Samuel

CAMPO GRANDE, Brazil (BNc) by Jose Carlos Balabuch — Lorivan understood that in order to preach the gospel and make followers of Christ (Mk 16.15-16; Mt 28.19-20), he didn’t need to study a theology course, an evangelism course or wait for a special call. Continue reading

Christians evangelize on Rio sidewalks with signs challenging denominations

brazil-sign-evangelismRIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (BNc) — These unidentified saints from the Tanque congregation walk the sidewalks wearing signs that challenge popular ideas about Christianity. They stand beside a table offering information about the church.

Their signs say:

  • Don’t be deceived. Read the Bible.
  • Why are there so many churches?
  • Who is the owner of your church?

Their blog says of them:

We are concerned to share only the truth. We are against all impiety and we preach only the gospel of the Kingdom. Many curse us, insult us, say we won’t go far. But whatever the cost, we will defend the truth. We are against sin, against evangelical churches that call themselves Christians, but are not because many do not follow the Bible as they should. We are against pastors who call themselves men of God teaching wrongly the Scriptures, because the truth is that they teach doctrines of demons. We are against all and any way which says it will take one to God, because there is only one: Jesus. Our idea is to return to primitive Christianity, the same instituted by our Lord Jesus Christ and followed by the apostles and first Christians. We are not reformers, but restorers; we want to restore the church of the first century, the church of our Master Jesus.

Denominations influenced by gospel teaching change practice of Lord’s supper


CUBATI, Brazil (BNc) by Jeremy Newlin — In Cubati, there are four members of the church. During a trip there a couple of weeks ago, I talked to them about vision, the mission of the church, and had prayer with the couple, Afonso and Vânia, who live here.

The other two members of the church were weak in their faith. I say “were” because I talked with them and I think they were strengthened with my visit, but it seems to be a recurring theme for them.

Afonso and Vânia pray for their city, but it seems that no one listens to the Gospel. There are many denominations, and the Catholic Church is also present, but these are not the greatest problem for this city of 6,000 inhabitants.

This is a city full of immorality. Perhaps it is more evident because of the small population or maybe it is just really immoral.

Afonso told me how they are talking to people in the city about Jesus, but no one has come to meet with them.

Afonso also said that most of the denominations in Cubati now eat the Lord Supper every Sunday because “Afonso’s church,” as they call it, is doing so. They don’t say that out loud, but the reason is so that they do not lose any members.

The denominations also started doing some other things because Afonso teaches it. So with that insight I encouraged both Afonso and Vânia to continue teaching and not to be discouraged by numbers, because God is working.

Who knows, maybe the denominations in Cubati as a whole will begin to obey the Gospel truth. They may not see immediate results in numbers at their church meetings, but God’s Word will be working to transform the lives of many and an entire city, wallowing in immorality.

If you have any thoughts on this article, I would love to hear them.

I ask for your prayers for the city of Cubati and the spreading of God’s Word.

Missionary takes a licking two days in a row, on third day he licks

JOÃO PESSOA, Brazil (BNc) by Jeremy Newlin — There are days that will stand out in your mind for weeks, some, for months or even years. Other stories may live on through your children and grandchildren, and still other stories may die with you. I don’t know which category this story will fall into but I do hope you enjoy it. Don’t feel bad if you laugh. I did.


Jeremy Newlin and family

Jeremy Newlin and family

A couple of weeks after arriving back in Brazil, I took our car to the mechanic. It was a rainy day; we had a hard rain early on and then it began to taper off. I was at the mechanic, and I went walking to buy a part for the car.

There is no sidewalk. I was walking along the side of the road, just off to the edge to stay out of the way of the cars. Because of all the rain there were some puddles of water in my path. I came upon one puddle that I did not want to step in so I stepped into the road where there was a wet board leaning up against the curb (a curb with no sidewalk, mind you). I slipped on the wet board. Continue reading

Brazilian Christian translator celebrates 13 years with monthly biblical magazine

Brazilian translator Solange Soares

Brazilian translator Solange Soares (center) with family members

CAMPINAS, Brazil (BNc) — Brazilian translator Solange Soares celebrated 2013 as her thirteenth year to translate Truth for Today magazine into Brazilian Portuguese, she noted Mar. 6 on her Facebook page.

“I give thanks to God for 2013 being my 13th year translating one issue per month, without interruption,” she wrote. “May the Lord give strength to the editor and authors for many more years!” Continue reading

Prisoners hear the gospel in Brazil through Bible correspondence courses

Brazilian prison

A “compact prison” in São Paulo state

SÃO JOÃO DA BOA VISTA, Brazil (BNc) — From this city in the eastern region of São Paulo state, inmates in four state penitentiaries are hearing the gospel of Christ.

José Domingos de Pádua, evangelist with the church in São João da Boa Vista, said that Bibles, correspondence courses, and DVDs have been sent to the state prisons in Marília, Serra Azul, Balbinos e Flórida Paulista. Continue reading

20 Brazilians commit to mission call during leadership event

RECIFE, Brazil (BNc) by Randy Joseph Short — Twenty Brazilian Christians responded to a call to commit to adopting one of the municipalities in the Northeast in a leadership encounter held last weekend.

The Brazilians accepted the responsibility to encourage their congregations to do what they can to preach the gospel of Jesus there. What a great culmination to our time together this was! Continue reading

‘Rejected by all, we embraced him, and love touched his heart’

RECIFE, Brazil (BNc) by Randy Short — He was unusual, in our circle and in yours as well, I’m sure. He came to us, the son of a denominational pastor, but had chosen not to follow his father or his father’s religion. He wanted to study the Bible.

He had gone to several local seminaries but because of his looks had been rejected by all. He was tattooed all over, and had long dreadlocks, a huge gaping hole with a “gauge” in one ear, and a huge piece of wood hanging from the other. He had studied philosophy and read about religion. Continue reading

‘Hangin’ out’ with the Jenkins Institute: 2nd edition with BNc editor Randal Matheny

(BNc) — Yesterday, brothers Dale and Jeff Jenkins, of the Jenkins Institute, hosted their second hang-out in the social network Google Plus with BNc editor Randal Matheny. They talked about the Forthright/GoSpeak ministry, especially Forthright Magazine and

The video series focuses on Christian ministry in an informal three-way chat.