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hospital ministry

What I learned in a hospital room

Alabama minister: “The hospital teaches us what’s most important.”


The smoking rostrum

This preacher’s in-pulpit experience has the congregation asking what he’s smoking.


‘The Force was strong, but God is omnipotent’

Television speaker reacts to new “Star Wars” movie.


Giving 99% — a gift larger than Zuckerberg’s

Writer remembers a gift greater than the Facebook billionaire.


Missionary estimates French-speaking churches at 742 in 35 countries

Barry Baggott keeps an updated list of congregations.


‘You’re not supposed to die at 17 months’

Gospel preacher sees death the enemy at child’s funeral.


A Christian response to terrorism in France

Former missionary to Honduras shares a short perspective.


Swiss Christian teens meet with Paris youth

Missionary Doyle Kee mentions gesture of local teens.


‘Little man, spiritual giant:’ Wendell Agee baptized 125 in 5 years — in his 80s

Steve Higginbotham remembers a tireless evangelist.


‘Not puffed up by praise, nor pulled down by criticism:’ Interview with Allen Hahn

Eddie Parrish interviews long-time Texas gospel preacher.


30% of World English Institute students via Internet are Muslim

GRESHAM, Ore. (BNC) — An email letter sent today from the World English Institute to its teachers stated that 30% of WEI’s internet students claim Islam as their…


4 baptized after preacher appeals ‘not to go with emotions of the moment’

A new twist in the old sermon invitation yields baptisms.


‘Older generation of preachers don’t deserve modern contempt.’ Son analyzes dad’s sermons

Michigan preacher Paul Holland goes through his dad’s sermon files.


Embrace the risk: Roberta Edwards suffered for the Cross

Kingdom pain is central to the fulfillment of the mission.


Oregon college shooting spurs immigrant to be baptized

A South Sudanese woman decides to be baptized after the Umpqua massacre.


Nepal’s new constitution: Christians provide perspective

Missionary Michael Brooks talks with local saints about the political situation.


‘Calamity always lurks nearby.’ The challenges of a caregiver

Caregiving is a time for personal and spiritual growth.


Sunday sets the saints’ entire week

The Sunday assembly is central to Christians’ faith and mission.

Dale Pollard (R) with friend at PTP.

Young Christian tackles shoplifter, holds in head-lock until police arrive

Dale Pollard relates his experience and gratitude of police.


Composer releases two new spiritual songs in video format

The church is edified by new songs of praise and edification.