Forthright Press launches Christendom News website


WINONA, Miss. (BNc) — The Christendom News service available on Twitter has now gained its own website, hosted by WordPress.

Christendom News publishes feeds from a variety of services belonging to religions or denominations that style themselves Christian. As such it serves as a curator of news.

One can now subscribe to the site via email or follow posts through RSS. Continue reading

Why should browser flap concern Christians? The end of free speech, perhaps?

Mozilla Firefox logo

Mozilla Firefox logo


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (BNc) — Observers of American culture have identified in Mozilla CEO Brenden Eich’s sudden resignation signs of growing power on the part of homosexual activists.

Mozilla is the parent company of the popular Firefox browser.

After two weeks as the new CEO, Eich stepped down after homosexuals inside of Mozilla threatened revolt, because of a contribution he had made in 2008 to defeat a same-sex marriage law.

The move has been widely interpreted as a sign of heightened power and activism of same-sex marriage advocates that threatens, by their intolerance, freedom of speech for Americans. Continue reading

Pulpits tackle errors of the Noah movie

Baker Heights church, Abilene, Tex., hears Noah sermons in April

Baker Heights church, Abilene, Tex., hears Noah sermons in April

(BNc) — After the botched Hollywood version of the Noah story, preachers and teachers are setting the record straight. Seeing the moment as an opportunity to teach the gospel, Christians are taking on the challenge of presenting the truth about Noah.

BNc asked several people how and why they were dealing the the topic in their sermons and classes. Continue reading

Before baptism, Raimunda removes image from necklace


FEIRA DE SANTANA, Brazil (BNc) — During a visit to her daughter, Dona Raimunda found herself in the right place and time to witness a person being immersed into Christ. Since she had been attending the congregation in her hometown of Serra Talhada and had studied the Bible with them, she decided this was her moment as well.

Before she was immersed, however, she removed a religious image from her necklace. Continue reading

Evangelical video adds to confusion on Noah as Hollywood mangles story


(BNc) by J. Randal Matheny — Evangelical televangelist Ray Comfort’s organization Living Waters released a 30-minute video as a response, apparently, to the Russell-Crowe version of Noah.

I say “apparently.” It talked so much about the signs of the last times, I quit before I got to the nine-minute mark.

The video has its own website, as well as being released on YouTube.

I don’t know Comfort’s specific tenets, but it gave the impression he’s a premillenialist of some sort. The video takes opportunity of the moment to push Comfort’s idea of “Bible prophecy.”

Premillenialism is a cockamamie theory that Jesus will return to rule on earth for a thousand years, seated on David’s throne in Jerusalem.

A major portion of the video segment that I saw recorded one of Comfort’s staff sticking a microphone in people’s faces.

Some of the answers people gave were intriguing, but what Comfort’s organization calls a movie doesn’t live up to the name.

Comfort is a New Zealander based in California since the 1980s.

You’re welcome to watch both Hollywood’s version and Comfort’s take-away, but don’t say I didn’t warn you that the evangelical response doesn’t really satisfy.

I often warn brothers and sisters in Christ here in Brazil that watching televangelists will not encourage them in their faith. They will only confuse them.

False doctrine is so tightly woven into their presentations that it’s nigh unto impossible to separate the good from the bad.

Hollywood will mangle the Noah story, but Ray Comfort’s video won’t help people understand it any better.

African student’s death shows need for urgency in evangelism

africa-flagsSOMEWHERE IN AFRICA (BNc) — Barry Baggott is in the process of setting up a new teaching center for World English Institute in a sensitive area in Africa. He wrote recently:

“A man who came to Bible studies signed up on the WEI website, did the introduction lesson and was assigned a teacher. In my report I mentioned visiting him in the hospital. Today I received word that he had died.” Continue reading

Government gives church use of Urban Social Center, permission to build baptistery

Pernambués saints at the Urban Social Center

Pernambués saints at the Urban Social Center

SALVADOR, Brazil (BNc) — The Pernambués congregation in this state capital has been given use of a 1300-square-foot area in the local Urban Social Center, along with permission to build a baptistery, tentmaking evangelist Miroel Dias Franco said yesterday.

The congregation moved from the Iguatemi neighborhood in January to the Pernambués location. It had been begun by progressive missionaries, who asked faithful brethren to oversee it last year after they left.

The congregation considered disbanding when its rent contract expired last year, but Miroel was able to convince them to move to the Pernambués area, where the use of the Urban Social Center was free. Continue reading

‘Patience and humility’ needed to answer no-judging movement

do-not-judgeCLINTON, Miss. (BNc) by John Allan — One of the most popular Bible verses (I would argue the second most popular after John 3:16) is Matthew 7:1.

It is a go-to verse for many who willfully engage in behaviors opposed to God’s will. Dare to point out what the Bible says about their behavior and prepare to be slapped across the face with a statement like ”The Bible says ‘Judge not’” or “Thou shalt not judge.”

When you’re faced with charges like that maybe you think to yourself: “If only they would just keep reading …” Continue reading

Ukraine work has already been negatively impacted by events

Preacher David Deffenbaugh

Preacher David Deffenbaugh

UKRAINE (BNc) by David Deffenbaugh — Ukraine endures continued unrest and tension. Political protests have led to the ouster of her previous president and now to the very real threat of war with Russia. Naturally, caring Christians around the world are concerned for the impact of these events on the Lord’s church in this former Soviet-block nation.

Some of the earliest impact of the events on the work of the church in Ukraine likely originated in the US. As plans were being made by numerous congregations for short-term mission trips—dozens of these take place each year, especially in the summer—reports of the violent and frequently bloody clashes between protestors and police/troops in Kiev dominated international news stories. Many of these planned trips were put on hold, postponed, and then cancelled. Continue reading

Blameless and without regret: John Brookins dies in Minn.

John Brookins with wife Susie

John Brookins with wife Susie

Owatonna, Minn. (BNc) by Dan Mayfield — A longtime Christian friend, John Brookins, died Feb. 23. I met John when he was doing a house inspection more than 20 years ago. We were standing in my basement, and he noticed the shirt I was wearing said “Church of Christ”. Having grown up in the church, this was good news to him. He was a recent transplant from California and he was only getting settled into the community. His wife Susie wasn’t moved here yet as she was tidying up final things at their old home.

That was many years ago and I have grown to love and appreciate John very much. I think he liked my wife Hazel more than me. Then again, Hazel IS more likable than me, so who could blame him!

We shared many meals and, right to the end, many prayers and Bible studies. He was helpful to me more than once in finding support for my ministry in Owatonna and he, with his wife Susie, supported my family personally. Continue reading

‘I spend time in the gym’ winning souls, says Christian bodybuilder

Dave (l) converted the bodybuilder on the right.

Dave (l) converted the bodybuilder on the right.

WINSLOW, Ariz. (BNc) — Many Facebook Christians know Dave Hart. Dave is a prodigious poster of articles and Christian content on the site. He has preached full-time with the Winslow congregation for 10 years.

But there’s more to Dave than meets the eye. Continue reading