SÃO JOSÉ DOS CAMPOS, Brazil (BNC) — Vicki Matheny has lived in Brazil since 1984. Beginning Jan. 1, she began sharing her personal devotional writings on the website, The Forthright Fellowship Room. She named her column, “Rising Joy.”

Vicki’s devotional thoughts are brief, consisting of one or two paragraphs.

Those who wish to follow Vicki’s devotionals can sign up to the website or follow it by RSS feed.

The content is available for free.

Vicki writes first for herself, as she applies the verses to her own spiritual journey. She believes other women may benefit from her approach.

She uses the daily Bible verses published by The Ruffled Mango, following their suggestion that readers write reflections on the texts.

The Forthright Fellowship Room offers several types of content, such as James McFerrin’s Chronological Bible Study.

The site belongs to the Forthright Press/GoSpeak ministry group.

For Vicki’s short biography, see the Fellows page.