EL PASO, Tex. (BNC) — Texas Christian Mike Riley made his last blog post Nov. 23, after experiencing double vision last month.

His latest blog is called “Gospel Snippets,” hosted on Blogspot for six years. Mike described his blog as containing “short, practical Bible-based articles related to everyday living.”

He now has vision out of only one eye.

Approximately a month ago, this writer woke up experiencing double vision. My eye doctor determined that I had experienced the symptoms of Giant cell arteritis. After spending a week in the local hospital, undergoing a biopsy, the condition was confirmed. I can presently only see out of my left eye in seeing close up with the aid of reading glasses. Thus, this article will be my last blog post.

Mike told BNC he published over 3700 posts on Gospel Snippets with nearly three million page views.

Mike requested prayers for treatment he was taking.

Since I am presently undergoing a series of medical tests, plus taking steroids to prevent any further sight problems with my left eye, this writer is requesting that you keep me in your daily prayers.

Mike thanked his readers and desired for them that “the Lord richly bless you and your family during this upcoming holiday season.”

In May 2020, Mike celebrated 20 years of blogging. BNC shared news of his 15-year milestone.

Mike was also a participant for a time on the group blog, Forthright Fellowship Room, sponsored by Forthright Press.

In an email today, Mike wrote to BNC:

My encouragement to all readers of my blog is to both “Spread The Word” and “Preach the Word” (2 Timothy 4:2).

Thus, I leave these Gospel Snippets blog articles as my legacy to the world.

And above all, thank you for being my friend and fellow worker in Christ — and above all: Keep the faith.