Mike Riley, Christian blogger

Blogger Mike Riley

EL PASO, Tex. (BNC) — Gospel writer Mike Riley celebrated 15 years of blogging on the Internet yesterday, May 20.

Mike is a prolific writer of short biblical and spiritual articles full of links and good suggestions. He usually posts several times a day.

His present blog is called Gospel Snippets, hosted by Blogspot.

“If I had known the many challenges involved in writing articles and posting them to a blog, I more than likely would have never began this blogging venture,” he wrote.

Mike is a widower and part-time mail expediter in the local school system. He preaches every other Sunday in the Montana Street congregation and is also a song leader.

Among the major challenges are not only writing, but editing and proofreading, Mike said. Then there is the issue of being “true to the Book.”

The major benefit to blogging, Mike said, is having an eternal impact.

“Eternal benefits … for our writing will not only aid ourselves in getting to heaven, but hopefully will assist other people in their finding the road to heaven.”

Mike also offered a number of links to help Christian bloggers improve their writing.

Mike also contributes to the group blog The Fellowship Room, hosted by the GoSpeak/Forthright ministry.

In a 2010 interview with Richard Mansel, Mike said,

“The Internet is definitely one of the greatest mediums (if not the greatest) we have ever had in preaching and teaching the gospel of Christ to the world. The ability for one person to teach the gospel 24 hours a day, seven days a week without interruption, is still mind boggling to me.”

Mike noted in the interview that, when he received the invitation to blog, “I had not written one article.” His articles now number in the thousands.