Greg Wanderman family

Greg Wanderman family

CLOVER, S.C. (BNC) — Gospel preacher Greg Wanderman responded this past Sunday to his own invitation after a sermon on “A New Way of Thinking (Stinking Thinking)”, based on Romans 12.2.

Greg confessed his focus on low numbers on Sunday and Wednesday nights, he said yesterday.

“I don’t suppose I am the first to ever answer my own invitation,” he said. “I have publicly bemoaned the lack of attendance on Sunday night and Wednesday night, and it had begun to cause ‘stinking thinking’ in me. So I owned my confession and publicly repented.”

He made the statement on his blog, “Wanderman in the Wilderness,” which highlights “God’s word applied in the world.”

Among the lessons learned, this one topped his list.

I was reminded that it isn’t easy to go forward. But it shouldn’t be so hard! Please know, if you come forward, “You are NOT a 2nd Class Christian!” You aren’t a worse Christian. We all need help and encouragement. An unfortunate stigma has petrified people in the pew rather than helped them move their feet. Praise God that some overcome the stigma and ask for the love and prayers of others!

Greg works with the Clover congregation, a church plant with the support of the Gold Hill Road church in Fort Mill.

The sermon is available in audio and PDF format at this link.