ALFENAS, Brazil (BNC) — Two brothers from São Paulo state took advantage of a holiday Jun. 4 to teach a couple over the state line.

The husband of the couple, Tiago, works in the same company as Antônio Davanço Júnior, a brother in Christ. In a meeting of the company, Junior explained to him how the Lord’s church lives today by the principles given in the first century and contained in the New Testament.

Junior is from the city of Espírito Santo do Pinhal, in São Paulo state, some 174 km de Alfenas, in the neighboring state of Minas Gerais, where the couple live.

Alfenas is a city with 72,000 population, where no known Christians who follow the New Testament model are located.

A long drive to Alfenas

A two-and-a-half hour drive to Alfenas

“His work colleague was surprised and very interested in knowing about the faith that we, Christians in the 21st century, hold,” José Domingos de Pádua wrote today. José Domingos is from São João da Boa Vista, in São Paulo state, some 150 km from Alfenas.

Junior scheduled the holiday to go explain the gospel to Tiago, and he and José Domingos went to teach.

We’ll let José Domingos tell the rest of the story.

“When we arrived, about noon, we talked at length and Tiago manifested his desire to believe on the Lord and be baptized.

“His wife had been baptized in a denomination several years ago, but she was not active. At first, she did not show much interest in our conversation with her husband. But as we continued explaining the true reason for baptism, preceded by a true faith, repentance, and confession of the Lord’s name, she asked about her baptism and added, ‘My baptism wasn’t like that.’

Furnas Reservoir

Furnas Reservoir

“So at 7:45 pm, in the Furnas reservoir, almost dark, under a chilling wind, brother Junior immersed the couple in the name of Jesus. Glory to God!

“Now we have Christians in Alfenas!”