Tarlac City, Philippines: Church starts in new year

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TARLAC CITY, Philippines (BNc) — Missionary Michael Hildreth got off to a fast start after arriving in the Philippines last month. With some Philippine brethren, he began a new congregation in his target city.

The new work had 26 adults in attendance the first Sunday meeting Jan. 6 in their newly rented quarters. Continue reading

20 Brazilians commit to mission call during leadership event

RECIFE, Brazil (BNc) by Randy Joseph Short — Twenty Brazilian Christians responded to a call to commit to adopting one of the municipalities in the Northeast in a leadership encounter held last weekend.

The Brazilians accepted the responsibility to encourage their congregations to do what they can to preach the gospel of Jesus there. What a great culmination to our time together this was! Continue reading

Adventist pastor starts ‘new walk toward eternity’

by Antônio de Barros

Brazil evangelistARAPIRACA, Brazil (BNc) – Four months ago, I met an Adventist ex-pastor named Samuel, who after 27 years in this movement abandoned it to become just a Christian.

Sunday, Sept. 18, I and four other brethren went to visit his home in a city 150 km from Maceió.

We had lunch in his home and spoke for three hours on sound doctrine. Everyone marveled at what we heard from him, “I passed all these years lost in a denomination, and I’m starting my spiritual life from zero, starting a new walk toward eternity.” Continue reading

Church established through biblical debate in northeast India

church growthBAGDOGRA, India (BNc) – A new congregation was established through a debate with a denominational preacher in the northeastern Indian state of West Bengel.

Missionary Jim Waldron reported today that two young men, Joseph Khati and Markus Kisku, were sent Aug., 2009, to Bagdogra as evangelists. They have since established four congregations.

The report below from Joseph, dated July 8, tells how the fourth one was begun earlier this month. Continue reading

O’Rourke begins work in Galway, Ireland

by Ryan O’Rourke

Galway IrelandGALWAY, Ireland (BNc) – We had our first worship assembly here in Galway on Sunday, April 24th. This was held in our small apartment with eight in attendance.

On Sunday, May 22, we began worshiping in a meeting suite at the Salthill Hotel on the west end of Galway City. A group of American tourists visited with us, with a total attendance of 13.

The west of Ireland has gone from zero congregations (and it’s been many years since there have been any) to two small, start-ups in a matter of weeks, with James Warnock and the two new converts in Sligo and the new church here in Galway. Continue reading

Chaplain reports on military church in Afghanistan

Contributed by Glenda Williams, BNc correspondent

KANDAHAR AIR FIELD, Afghanistan (BNc) – Captain Anthony Holloway, Family Life Chaplain, reported in a letter back home of the goings on with the church in Kandahar Air Field (KAF), Afghanistan.

A major from the unit they replaced began the service at the Chapel Ministry Center (CMC), which is something of a general purpose building used for Bible studies, classes and meetings. At that time it was basically an informal Bible study around a table with about six people attending.

When the 135th arrived, the numbers grew to about 10-12. They were able to find a time slot on Sundays in Fraise Chapel. Continue reading

Extreme Barn Makeover – Church Edition

by Barbara A Oliver, Managing Editor

VThe Old BarnILONIA, Ark. (BNc) — The Vilonia congregation celebrated its two-year anniversary in their new barnitorium, as Marty Knight, one of the three elders, dubbed it Sunday morning, Nov. 8.

The new Ministry Center was started the week before. Using the metal exterior from an old horse barn, they built a new 36×36 structure to serve as a temporary meeting place until they can build a new building.

When asked why they decided to use the old barn, the elders replied, “It was there and it was cheap!” Continue reading

Turning Pisco Upside Down

by Tim Hall

Pisco Peru saintsPISCO, Peru (BNc)- A major earthquake struck portions of southern Peru on August 15, 2007. One of the hardest hit areas was the village of Pisco.

Most houses in that town were lost, and people’s lives were literally turned upside down.

Faculty and students from the Inter-American Biblical Institute worked quickly to take water, food and other relief supplies to Pisco. This school, located in Lima, has not been long in existence, but is already making a difference in the region. These Christians came to a town that had no congregation of Christ. Their plan was to bring spiritual relief, in addition to the physical necessities. Continue reading