by Antônio de Barros

Brazil evangelistARAPIRACA, Brazil (BNc) — Four months ago, I met an Adventist ex-pastor named Samuel, who after 27 years in this movement abandoned it to become just a Christian.

Sunday, Sept. 18, I and four other brethren went to visit his home in a city 150 km from Maceió.

We had lunch in his home and spoke for three hours on sound doctrine. Everyone marveled at what we heard from him, “I passed all these years lost in a denomination, and I’m starting my spiritual life from zero, starting a new walk toward eternity.”

He also mentioned that he needed our help. Two years after his decision, more than 120 people are meeting and attempting to enter the kingdom of God.

Arapiraca has more than 300 thousand inhabitants, without a single Christian according to the biblical pattern. We need your prayers for the birth of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ in this city.

Antônio de Barros (photo, above) serves Christ Jesus with the church that meets in Maceió, in the state of Alagoas.