Trump declines to name a verse after claiming Bible as favorite book

The editor suggests a verse for Trump and invites readers to make suggestions.


The Great Moral Test of Our Time—It’s Time to Speak Up

Minnesota writer calls Christians to action.


Against coarse secular speech, saints recommend different tone

Several writers go for Christian contrast to society.


Doubts focus on God’s faithfulness or love, writer says in series

Michigan writer clears up doubt with Bible examples.


‘The Truth About’ series launches video on same-sex marriage

WVBS releases new teaching video by Don Blackwell.


Preacher given sermon manuscript, ‘told to preach it verbatim’

Preacher was told he used ‘too much Bible.’


Death threat leads Michael Shank to cancel events

Expresses concern for the life of others.


Teacher answers question: Is ‘precision obedience’ a valid theology?

Search TV speaker Phil Sanders answers a questioner.


As ‘Christian’ council members, brotherhood colleges quiet on same-sex controversy

Brotherhood colleges are put in compromising position by association.


New Nepali constitution may mean jail for evangelistic efforts

Nepal nears completion of seven-year process.


‘How wude!’ Writer calls for rejection of rudeness

Against the cultural tide, Christians go for kindness.


Gospel preacher objects to language ‘grow the church’

Among his reasons, a lack of such language in Scripture.


Phil Sanders remembers Mac Lyon, 1921–2015

Search TV speaker Phil Sanders remembers his predecessor.


Northampton UK congregation embraces saints from 21 countries

UK church reflects experience of sister congregations with immigration.

Pew Research gives churches of Christ a 6.1/10 on diversity.

US church given score on racial diversity

Pew Research provides a rundown of US religions, including churches of Christ.

Cecil the lion is dead. Abortion continues.

Cecil the lion is dead: Selective outrage and misplaced priorities

Texas preacher reflects on reactions to Cecil the lion and Planned Parenthood undercover videos.


Alabama: Six respond in ‘moving’ gospel meeting

Meeting moves 97-year-old, another man unfaithful for 20 years, and others to respond in exceptional moment.


Louisiana movie shooter listed Faulkner University on LinkedIn profile

Fox News showed his profile listing Faulkner as his alma mater.


The sermon that almost wasn’t

Multiple events keep Tenn. preacher from delivering sermon.


Door-knocking: 140 people ‘want to know more about the Bible’

Arkansas church knocks doors with good results.