‘God ready for Mt Juliet to do big things:’ Church deals with loss of David Shannon

MT JULIET, Tenn. (BNC) — Preacher David Shannon will assume the presidency of Freed-Hardeman University in a few weeks, meaning the loss of his presence in the pulpit and life of the Mt Juliet congregation. After 18 years of David’s ministry and a growth from 500 to 1000 saints, the congregation must now deal with a big change.

Tim Martin, one of their ministers, wrote May 3 about the inevitable change that occurs in life, including that of a congregation. Continue reading “‘God ready for Mt Juliet to do big things:’ Church deals with loss of David Shannon”

Writer ‘appalled’ Steven Hawking calls for humans to leave earth

AMARILLO, Tex. (BNC) — Christian blogger Mike Riley said Thursday he is “appalled” at famous physicist Steven Hawking’s statement that humans must leave earth and find another planet on which to live, because it reveals “that an educated man such as professor Hawking is obviously ignorant of the most important book in the world — the Bible.”

Hawking believes that humankind will destroy itself and life on earth. To avoid perishing, people must find another place to live.

Mike reminded his readers that all people will leave earth when the whole universe is burned up, but there will be no planet left to go to. Then he says, Continue reading “Writer ‘appalled’ Steven Hawking calls for humans to leave earth”

David Shannon chosen as 16th FHU president, reactions positive

HENDERSON, Tenn. (BNC) — The Freed-Hardeman University Board of Trustees selected David Shannon, preacher with the Mount Juliet, Tenn., congregation, as the 16th president of FHU at their meeting Friday, April 21. He will begin his duties this summer, according to a press release yesterday. Continue reading “David Shannon chosen as 16th FHU president, reactions positive”

Do not sell your birthright!

Oklahoma City, OK  (BNC) – As a warning to other congregations, I recently published a history of the (Quail) Springs Church of Christ in Oklahoma City, showing how they were led astray.

Their leaders were influenced by church-growth methods coming from the Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago and from Rick Warren’s book “The Purpose Driven Church,” and also by teachings of Contemplative Spirituality proponents such as Richard Foster.

Evaluations have been added to the Quail Springs history explaining the errors of these influences:

Willow Creek


Rick Warren


Contemplative Spirituality and Spiritual Disciplines


The (Quail) Springs Church teaches that women may speak in the assembly and that instruments of music may be used in worship.

When a Ghanaian brother in Belgium, who had been exposed to this teaching, asked me if all preachers of churches of Christ in America taught such things, I clarified that the Springs Church of Christ is not recognized as a faithful congregation by churches of Christ in general. Their history demonstrates the horrible consequences when God’s elect sell their birthright for a denominational “mess of pottage” in the hopes of pleasing men.

Roy Davison

Race relations then and now: Hugh Fulford recalls 1968 merger

GALLATIN, Tenn. (BNC) — Preacher Hugh Fulford recalled today the merger of two congregations in Clarksville, Tenn., one black, the other white, in 1968. He worked with the latter congregation. No news was published about the merger at the time of its occurrence. But it serves to dispel the accusation of widespread racism among Christians.

Hugh ended his recollections with an application for today. Continue reading “Race relations then and now: Hugh Fulford recalls 1968 merger”

Online history of Quail Springs church

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – A history of the Quail Springs Church of Christ has been placed online at www.quailspringschurchofchrist.com by Roy Davison, long-time missionary to Belgium and publisher of the Old Paths Archive.

The history traces the changes that have occurred though the years since 1953, when the congregation began as a church of Christ and gradually became what is now referred to as a Progressive Church of Christ, using instruments of music and allowing women to speak in the assembly.


Fortune cookie or heavenly Father?

AUSTIN, Tex. (BNC) by Sofia Newton — The other day after a delicious Chinese dinner out with my family, I went for my fortune cookie. It was delicious, too. Of course I read my “fortune.”

It said, “New financial resources will soon become available to you.”

I had a good laugh and said out loud, “Sure! Who do I get to sign on this to guarantee it? The restaurant manager?” Continue reading “Fortune cookie or heavenly Father?”

Germany’s Rent-A-Jew suggests idea for Christians

(BNC) by Greg Wanderman — Rent-A-Jew. That’s what it said. At first I thought, it must be a Mel Brooks joke. Then it seemed downright offensive. Then, after careful consideration, I decided to take a closer look. Now, I say, “Bold move, Germany.” Despite your, eh, “checkered past,” you might be on to something.

The “Rent-a-Jew” program is a joint effort by Germany’s Justice Ministry and Jewish volunteers. The efforts are aimed at stemming a rising anti-Semitism in Europe, and especially in Germany. It may be hard to believe, but 2015 saw a rise from 691 to 2,083 cases of hate-crimes and hate speech against Jews in Germany. It seems that Germany needs a bit of a refresher. Continue reading “Germany’s Rent-A-Jew suggests idea for Christians”

LST’s association with instrumental churches

Let's Start TalkingHURST, Texas (BNC)  – “Let’s Start Talking” was begun as a ministry by Mark and Sherrylee Woodward in 1981. The idea was to make contacts and give Bible instruction by offering people in other countries the opportunity to learn English by reading the Bible with American students.

Recently, I was surprised when someone mentioned that not all workers sent by LST are members of the church of Christ. For verification I sent this question: “Are all those sent on LST campaigns active members of the church of Christ?” Continue reading “LST’s association with instrumental churches”

Plants become bomb-sniffers. What else might they tell us?

CLOVER, S.C. (BNC) by Greg Wanderman — If plants, trees, animals, and the earth itself, could warn humans of danger, what would they say? Well, as it turns out, plants are talking…and you really want to hear what they are saying!

In a journal article in Nature Materials, MIT researchers explained how they have helped turn spinach plants into “bomb sniffing machines.” The plants were embedded with tiny carbon tubes to help them detect “nitroaromatics” (chemical compounds used in explosives). Once the plant detects the compound in the air, it emits a fluorescent signal that is picked up by an infrared camera and wirelessly notifies a smartphone. Continue reading “Plants become bomb-sniffers. What else might they tell us?”

GoSpeak launches 3rd annual Prayer Writing Month

WINONA, Miss. (BNC) — The GoSpeak ministry launched its Prayer Writing Month today with the first prayer on the Believing Prayer website.

This year is the third event.

Prayers are published daily during the month on the Believing Prayer site. Members of the body of Christ are encouraged to write as well.

The idea came from American national events such as the National Novel Writing Month and National Poetry Writing Month.

The GoSpeak site provided a list of seven suggestions on how to participate.

Gospel preacher Garland Elkins passes at 90

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (BNC) — Long-time gospel preacher Garland Elkins died this morning, Oct. 28. He was 90 years old.

“After a life of faithful service as a gospel preacher and a Christian gentleman, our beloved brother Garland Elkins passed away in the early hours of the morning on this day, Oct. 28, 2016. He had arrived home from the hospital late on Thursday evening, and had settled into his own bed, when he drifted off to sleep,” B.J. Clarke wrote. Continue reading “Gospel preacher Garland Elkins passes at 90”

Jim Akins’s fellow elder: ‘He never asked for recognition’

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (BNC) by Mike Hughes — The church’s loss is Heaven’s gain. That’s the only way I can look at it and have it make any sense at all.

Photo, above: Mike and Mary Hughes with Janet and Jim Akins.

Jim Akins was as good a man as ever was. He served the Lord’s church faithfully for nearly five decades. First as a member, then as a deacon, then as an elder. He served as both deacon and elder at the Somers Avenue congregation in North Little Rock for over 30 years. Continue reading “Jim Akins’s fellow elder: ‘He never asked for recognition’”

Driverless truck goes 120 miles. No life should go without God as pilot.

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (BNC) by Timothy D. Hall — Passing big rigs on Interstate highways is a common phenomenon. There are so many of those vehicles, you can’t drive ten miles without seeing several. Rarely do I notice the one who is driving the truck; even if I tried, they sit so much higher in the cab I don’t believe I’d be able to see them.

Had I made the effort to see the driver of the 18-wheeler rolling down I-25 in Colorado last week, I would have failed. There wasn’t a driver. For 120 miles, this rig, loaded with cases of beer, navigated traffic, curves, and hills with no one behind the steering wheel. There was a human on board, but his job was merely to monitor; he did nothing to steer, brake, or accelerate. Reportedly the trip was completed without a hitch. Continue reading “Driverless truck goes 120 miles. No life should go without God as pilot.”