Gatlinburg on fire, saints lose homes, church loses building

No one has lost his life thus far, but the damages will be extensive.


LST’s association with instrumental churches

HURST, Texas (BNC)  – “Let’s Start Talking” was begun as a ministry by Mark and Sherrylee Woodward in 1981. The idea was to make contacts and give Bible…


New Zealand saints shaken by earthquake

Missionary says he knows of none hurt.


Plants become bomb-sniffers. What else might they tell us?

Plants have a spiritual message, too.

GoSpeak Ministry: Prayer Writing Month

GoSpeak launches 3rd annual Prayer Writing Month

Ministry invites all Christians to participate in various ways.


‘One thousand documented prayers answered’

A coworker recalls Joe Cannon’s little prayer book.


Gospel preacher Garland Elkins passes at 90

Brother Elkins died Oct. 28.

Mike and Mary Hughes with Jim and Janet Akins

Jim Akins’s fellow elder: ‘He never asked for recognition’

A godly man and selfless servant passes.


Driverless truck goes 120 miles. No life should go without God as pilot.

Evangelist urges us to let God lead us.


Elder helps congregation identify profane and vulgar

A Memphis congregation is challenged to refrain from vulgar language.


‘Very good, but very strict’

Man doesn’t want to repent in spite of good opinion of church.


Filipinos conduct medical mission, treat 625, baptize 19

The mission team was composed for the first time only of Filipinos.

Jack Honeycutt in baptism debate

10 baptized after baptism debate, new argument introduced

The discussion centered on whether or not baptism in water was essential for salvation.

Deaf Christians, Mua, Malawi

First deaf congregation in Malawi established

Buda TX Christians worked with Gospel Chariot.


16-year-old preacher’s daughter killed while door-knocking for gospel meeting

A driver high on prescription drugs hit the girl and another saint.


Haiti hurricane devastation slows WEI online evangelism

Outreach ministry deals with effects of Haiti’s recent hurricane.


Video: ‘When the tree is down, the seed is still alive’

Preacher Cory Collins finds people returning to Scripture even during the darkest religious days.


Evangelist destroys three hours of arguments with one word

Question reveals falseness of man’s claim.


Texas writer: The ‘only viable plan’ to solve US’ widespread corruption

Mike Riley shows path to solving problem of corruption.


On 9/11 we know the number of lives lost, but not the number saved

Shouldn’t this also be an important number to note?