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Children’s home grieving after murder of director

Children and supporters are reeling, steps taken toward counseling and organization.


Oregon college shooting spurs immigrant to be baptized

A South Sudanese woman decides to be baptized after the Umpqua massacre.


Nepal’s new constitution: Christians provide perspective

Missionary Michael Brooks talks with local saints about the political situation.


‘Calamity always lurks nearby.’ The challenges of a caregiver

Caregiving is a time for personal and spiritual growth.


Sunday sets the saints’ entire week

The Sunday assembly is central to Christians’ faith and mission.

Dale Pollard (R) with friend at PTP.

Young Christian tackles shoplifter, holds in head-lock until police arrive

Dale Pollard relates his experience and gratitude of police.


Composer releases two new spiritual songs in video format

The church is edified by new songs of praise and edification.


Ark. church building trashed by vandals

Saints forced to meet in fellowship hall next Sunday.


Young evangelist teaches Indians, Filipinos agricultural self-support

23-year-old graduate in agriculture teaches nationals to be self-supporting.


Not prepared to teach? God answers prayer same day

Preacher’s wife proves the promise, ‘Ask, and you will receive.’


‘The epitome of kindness:’ William Alex Craig passes at 91

‘Alex was an influence for good to everyone he knew.’


‘Lessons biblical and practical:’ Red River Encampment gathers 1700

Take a break from the summer heat.


Church calls for joint prayer for U.S. Sep 16: ‘Christians must stand united’

‘Christians must stand united for God-ordained marriages, families, and home life.’


‘They had no idea what it would become:’ A short history of Polishing the Pulpit

Jeffrey Archey tells the story.


Bible in English effort leads to 5th Belém baptism for 2015

Good results ensue in this state capital at the mouth of the Amazon River.


Editor escapes harm after car damaged in lightning incident

A lightning strike hurls large debris against the vehicle.


Amsterdam hosts ‘Effective Evangelism’ exchange

Messages and brain-storming occupied the day.


Trump declines to name a verse after claiming Bible as favorite book

The editor suggests a verse for Trump and invites readers to make suggestions.


The Great Moral Test of Our Time—It’s Time to Speak Up

Minnesota writer calls Christians to action.


Against coarse secular speech, saints recommend different tone

Several writers go for Christian contrast to society.