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"The church meets here."

‘The church meets here’. Brazil congregation understands what the church is

One congregation in São Paulo state shows that it understands biblical teaching about the church.


Tennessee church puts woman in pulpit, provokes reactions

Faithful brethren respond to a Nashville-area progressive church that recently put a woman in the pulpit.

Belém Christians enjoy a barbecue together

Fist fight between women interrupts church during Lord’s supper

Missionary Nick Fowler tells what happened outside the church meeting place on the morning of Oct. 12.


Fire set during church service investigated as arson and attempted murder

A Florida congregation discovered a fire had been set while services were ongoing.

Church to lose building to eminent domain, seeks to proclaim gospel

The Kent, Oh., congregation hopes to show the community its true colors as it stands to lose its building to the city.

Church takes charge of online presence, provides service to foreigners

After unhelpful results with online church directories, the church in this large Brazilian city took matters into its own hands.

Alabama: Coxey church building damaged by tornado (photo gallery)

Photos of the damage to the Athens, Ala., congregation

Tennessee church wanted 500 Bible correspondence students. They’ve enrolled 325,000

Dedication to the task meant goals were exceeded beyond all dreams.

Tornados leave one saint dead in Arkansas, one building damaged in Alabama

USA (BNc) — The recent storms that have generated a slew of tornados across the Midwest and South have left at least one dead and one church building…

Spanish-language work begun in DeKalb County, Tenn.

The congregation takes up where another left off.

Government gives church use of Urban Social Center, permission to build baptistery

A Salvador, Brazil, church is given use of a community center for its meetings.

‘Everyone was blown away': Small church gives away accumulated offerings to 10 worthy efforts

A small church decides to share its blessings with others.

Preacher shares what happens ‘five minutes after death’

Such sermons serve an essential need.

Church sign offers outsiders a taste of ‘pre-denominational Christianity’

A new church sign sports a unique phrase to capture the interest of outsiders.

Alabama church proposes instrumental music, area preacher urges rejection

Elders propose Sunday service with instruments. Preacher to their south urges rejection.

Fire guts northwest Georgia church building

The Rising Fawn church near Chatanooga, Tenn., lost their building early Sunday morning.

Saints from six Dutch and Flemish congregations sing together

The Haarlem church was the first European congregation established by churches of Christ after WWII.

Church discipline called ‘extreme case’ of homophobia

A Chattanooga, Tenn., congregation is accused of extreme homophobia after exercising discipline in a high-profile case.

Christian men in Texas pray for, and receive, rain

They went down to the lake to pray.

Ft. Worth church elders add ‘instrumental music worship service’ on Sunday nights

In spite of many members’ preference and some leaders stepping down, church goes forward with decision to use musical instruments.