TEXAS, Shallowater (BNc) – The 12th Street Church of Christ meeting at 1001 12th Street in Shallowater, Texas (near Lubbock) is supplying groceries and needed supplies to its elderly and disabled during the Corona-virus crisis.

One elderly member states: “We can call and give a list, and what we ask for will be paid for by the church. A receipt will be in each bag, so we can pay for what we receive later if we want to.”
The congregation has discontinued all meetings until further notice to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. Three cases of the virus have been confirmed in the Lubbock area and the mayor, Dan Pope, has issued an order that all gatherings of 50 persons or more are forbidden as of 5 p.m. on Thursday, March 19th.
As part of their regular outreach, the 12th Street congregation has a program they call “Kingdom’s Kitchen” in which a meal is provided each Tuesday for anyone in the community who needs it. Usually from 60 to 80 come. That project has of course been suspended because of the shutdown but plans are being made to deliver meals on Tuesday evenings to the homes of some of those who have been coming.