Illustrated Bible readings for children

ALKEN, BELGIUM (BNC) — A website has been launched with illustrated Bible readings for children.

It is sometimes difficult to find Bible story books that are true to the Scriptures. In this case, actual readings from the Bible have been selected that are suitable for children.

The beautiful illustrations were made by James R. Padgett (1931-2009) who was exceptionally careful to follow the Biblical account. The pictures have been made available for general use by the copyright holder, Sweet Publishing, under a “Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.”

The WEB audio recordings are available copyright-free from Audio Treasure.

At launch there are only a few readings for the Old and New Testaments but week-by-week new readings are to be added by the publisher, Roy Davison.

The material can be accessed by PCs, handheld devices, and by TVs with an Internet connection.

Many children have their own tablets and phones with which they can listen to the readings. Sunday school teachers can use them if they have an Internet connection in the classroom.

Roy Davison devotes himself to the gospel in Belgium, as well as being a part-time translator. He is the creator of the Old Paths websites (

Saints worship under tree after fleeing Pajok violence

Ngomoromo, Uganda, BNC – On April 16th, the first Sunday after this group of Christians was forced to flee to Uganda from the war zone in Pajok, South Sudan, they met under a tree for worship. Continue reading “Saints worship under tree after fleeing Pajok violence”

Roy Davison devotes himself to the gospel in Belgium, as well as being a part-time translator. He is the creator of the Old Paths websites (

Pray for Saints in South Sudan!

South Sudan, Pajok – On Monday, April 3rd, the town of Pajok in South Sudan was attacked by soldiers who blocked the exits from the town and killed residents indiscriminately. Since South Sudan became a sovereign state on July 9, 2011 the country has been racked by internal warfare among conflicting armies. Continue reading “Pray for Saints in South Sudan!”

Roy Davison devotes himself to the gospel in Belgium, as well as being a part-time translator. He is the creator of the Old Paths websites (

Do not sell your birthright!

Oklahoma City, OK  (BNC) – As a warning to other congregations, I recently published a history of the (Quail) Springs Church of Christ in Oklahoma City, showing how they were led astray.

Their leaders were influenced by church-growth methods coming from the Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago and from Rick Warren’s book “The Purpose Driven Church,” and also by teachings of Contemplative Spirituality proponents such as Richard Foster.

Evaluations have been added to the Quail Springs history explaining the errors of these influences:

Willow Creek

Rick Warren

Contemplative Spirituality and Spiritual Disciplines

The (Quail) Springs Church teaches that women may speak in the assembly and that instruments of music may be used in worship.

When a Ghanaian brother in Belgium, who had been exposed to this teaching, asked me if all preachers of churches of Christ in America taught such things, I clarified that the Springs Church of Christ is not recognized as a faithful congregation by churches of Christ in general. Their history demonstrates the horrible consequences when God’s elect sell their birthright for a denominational “mess of pottage” in the hopes of pleasing men.

Roy Davison

Roy Davison devotes himself to the gospel in Belgium, as well as being a part-time translator. He is the creator of the Old Paths websites (

Online history of Quail Springs church

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – A history of the Quail Springs Church of Christ has been placed online at by Roy Davison, long-time missionary to Belgium and publisher of the Old Paths Archive.

The history traces the changes that have occurred though the years since 1953, when the congregation began as a church of Christ and gradually became what is now referred to as a Progressive Church of Christ, using instruments of music and allowing women to speak in the assembly.


Roy Davison devotes himself to the gospel in Belgium, as well as being a part-time translator. He is the creator of the Old Paths websites (

LST’s association with instrumental churches

Let's Start TalkingHURST, Texas (BNC)  – “Let’s Start Talking” was begun as a ministry by Mark and Sherrylee Woodward in 1981. The idea was to make contacts and give Bible instruction by offering people in other countries the opportunity to learn English by reading the Bible with American students.

Recently, I was surprised when someone mentioned that not all workers sent by LST are members of the church of Christ. For verification I sent this question: “Are all those sent on LST campaigns active members of the church of Christ?” Continue reading “LST’s association with instrumental churches”

Roy Davison devotes himself to the gospel in Belgium, as well as being a part-time translator. He is the creator of the Old Paths websites (

J. Lee Roberts leaves a rich heritage

J. Lee Roberts

LUBBOCK, TX (BNC). At the age of 90, J. Lee Roberts, former missionary to Belgium and Professor Emeritus of Lubbock Christian University, passed away at Lubbock, Texas on May 6, 2016.

J. Lee and Margaret RobertsJ. Lee and Margaret Roberts were missionaries at Liege, Belgium from 1954 until 1966. They met at Paris, France after WWII where J Lee was attending art school and Margaret’s father was working with the Marshal Plan. They were married in 1950. J Lee had been in the military in Europe during the war.

When support for their mission work was terminated in 1966, they returned to the States where J. Lee first taught art at Harding University and then at Lubbock Christian University from 1970 to 1994. He chaired the art department there from 1970 to 1984.

An exhibition of some of his art work is found here.

Margaret passed away on January 3, 2007 at the age of 80. She taught at LCU from 1970 to 1995.

Former missionary to Belgium, Donald Taylor, writes: “J and Margaret were our neighbors in Belgium (Liege/Verviers). We loved them very much, were often in their home, and worked with them to establish churches in Belgium. J was a zealous, fervent Christian man who involved himself with young people. We will miss him and his Internet posts, but look forward to being with him in heaven with our precious Lord.”

Former missionary to France, Bren White, writes: “J. Lee encouraged many people all over the world during his life! He was a wonderful example of faith and love in Jesus Christ! He encouraged me to get involved in French-speaking mission work, to help start a church in Strasbourg, France and to launch ‘Operation French World’ twenty-years ago.”


Roy Davison devotes himself to the gospel in Belgium, as well as being a part-time translator. He is the creator of the Old Paths websites (

Dedicated to God and Learning

CHENNAI, India (BNC) — The R. Sevya Nayak family are dedicated to the Lord and to learning. The four children are all first in their class at school. Like most children in India, they sit on the floor to study.


Sevya, the father, is a teacher and translator at the Chennai Teacher Training School. He is a graduate of the school himself. Originally a Hindu, he said that when a member of the Lord’s church in Andhra Pradesh showed him Psalm 115:2-8 he understood who the real God of heaven and earth is. Sevya has worked after class hours as a guard and maintenance man to earn extra money to help support their extended family on both sides.

Lali, the mother, teaches weaving to the female students at CTTS on Sunday afternoons. The school has a community service program that teaches various skills to adults and children who live near the school. Lali has a sister and a brother-in-law who attended CTTS.

The oldest daughter, Zena, who is 16, hopes to go to medical college when she graduates from secondary school. Sister Beth Johnson has taught the three older children in her Sunday school class since they were small. When Zena was three, she could say 85 memory verses in English, just one of their five languages. When she was four, she could say all the books of the Bible with their categories, the days of creation, the judges, the sons of Jacob, the 10 plagues and label with crayon which tribe settled in which part of Israel.

The oldest son, Samuel, who is 14, could recite all 176 verses of Psalm 119 when he was nine years old. Now that Samuel is older, his class is taught by one of the men in the congregation. Yet he still likes to recite Scripture he has memorized to his former teacher. Recently he asked sister Johnson if he could recite some memory work to her after her ladies’ class on Sunday afternoon. To her surprise, he recited the entire book of Hebrews and only had to be corrected in a place or two!

The second son, Saxon, who is 12, also recited memory work for sister Johnson that day, a substantial portion of Psalm 119, which he hopes to recite in its entirety soon. Sister Johnson commented, “Their zeal and ability are incredible. Since they all must study in the same room, they have to learn to focus well amid distractions. What a joy it is to work with children like this! Please pray with me that they will be able to understand and teach as well as they can memorize.”

The youngest daughter, Naomi, age 7, also makes the highest grades in her class at school. Inspired by her older brothers and sister, she is also learning Psalm 119 and recites portions of 5-10 verses at a time to sister Johnson.


The children studying while their mother is weaving.

Roy Davison devotes himself to the gospel in Belgium, as well as being a part-time translator. He is the creator of the Old Paths websites (

150 Attend Four Seas Lectureship


SINGAPORE (BNc) — From 25 to 28 November 2015 more than 150 attended the 8th annual Four Seas Lectureship of the Four Seas College of Bible and Missions. Those present on the last day are pictured above.

Lectures were held daily from 9 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. on “Living Soberly and Righteously.” The afternoon schedule included a separate lecture for men and women.


Twenty-two lessons were presented by these speakers from America, Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.


Four Seas College owns and operates the third floor of the building of the Jurong church of Christ.

Concurrently with the lectureship, gospel meetings were held in the evenings at the Jurong and the Lim Ah Pin Road congregations. The themes of these meetings respectively were “World in crisis” and “Answers to life’s greatest questions.” Preaching was done by Billy Bland, Tim Burroughs, Dennis Johnson, Larry Keele and Glen Tattersall.

The school was founded in 1965 as Malaysia Christian College. It was renamed Four Seas College of Bible and Missions in 1967. For 50 years the school has been training men to be preachers and women to be workers in the Lord’s kingdom.

The school has about 20 full-time students each year, enrolled in a two-year course covering every book of the Bible and including other related subjects. In recent years students have attended from Australia, China, India, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam.

Peter Chin is President, Patrick Swayne is Dean of Academics, Eddie Ee is Dean of Students and Pooi Fun Chin is secretary and librarian.


Singapore is a hypermodern city-state located at the southern tip of the Malay peninsula.



Roy Davison devotes himself to the gospel in Belgium, as well as being a part-time translator. He is the creator of the Old Paths websites (

Amsterdam hosts ‘Effective Evangelism’ exchange

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (BNC) by Roy Davison — Fifteen brethren from Holland and Flanders gathered at the building of the congregation in Amsterdam to exchange ideas on evangelism on Saturday, Sept. 5. Continue reading “Amsterdam hosts ‘Effective Evangelism’ exchange”

Roy Davison devotes himself to the gospel in Belgium, as well as being a part-time translator. He is the creator of the Old Paths websites (

“Jim, will you teach me about God?”

Theo Van De Gevel

HAARLEM, Netherlands (BNc) – Missionaries to Holland, Jim and Ruth Krumrei, have lived in a modest house on a canal in Haarlem since 1969.

Their next-door neighbor, Theo Van De Gevel, defined himself as an atheist for most of his life. But when he passed away at the age of 79, he had been a dedicated and active Christian for eleven years.

Jim describes their relationship and recounts how Theo became a Christian.

“Theo and his extended family were our next-door neighbors, and great ones too, for 42 years. Theo was shy and reserved, but industrious, kind and understanding. We always got along well.

“But for 30 years no conversations about God and faith were allowed. His in-laws had a Roman Catholic background, but faith was not a subject to be talked about.

“Their household consisted of Theo, his wife Coby, their two sons, Coby’s mother and a sister. They exemplified a genuine caring way of living and sharing.

“Theo, like me, was fond of gardening. He was a vegetarian and truly enjoyed his home-grown vegetables and fruits.

“Theo grew up not knowing God except – as he later came to regret – for the occasional abuse of the word. Not that I ever heard him swear or saw him lose his temper, but he didn’t know God.

“His wife, Coby, had a bad accident on her bicycle in the ’90s. She was run over by a large truck, which crushed one of her legs above the knee. Although she survived, she was left with a disability. Several years later she had to be hospitalized due to an unusual ailment from which she died in May of 1999. Unfortunately she never became open to God’s word.

“She was, however, exceptionally hospitable and respectful. Whenever Ruth was away for an extended time, I was always welcome at their dinner table, but I had to be there at 5 p.m. sharp. No one ever prayed out loud, but all were asked to be quiet in respect for anyone who wanted to silently express their thanks.

“Theo’s sons left home, and his in-laws who had shared life in the home, also passed away.

“Then one day in 2001 – when I was in my front yard and he in his – Theo overcame his timidity and approached me with a request: “Jim, will you teach me about God?”

“This was the first and only time in my 64 years as an evangelist that anyone asked this of me. What a question from this humble searcher! What an honor and privilege after all those years of hoping and praying for an opening to reach him.

“We began studying the Bible together and he also enrolled in a Bible course that I assisted him with. After a while he told me, ‘Jim, now I can study the Bible on my own to learn about God!’

“Then one day he announced that he wanted to be baptized, but he set a date rather far in the future. I advised him that if he understood that baptism is for the forgiveness of his sins, he should not postpone this important step of faith unnecessarily. He then chose to obey as soon as possible and was baptized into Christ on August 4, 2002.

“For the rest of his life, Theo was a great student of the Bible and an active member of the Lord’s church. Praise God for Theo! He was a humble and faithful servant of God.

“He prayed that his sons, Ed and Marcel, might come to believe in God. He bore the burden of not having taught them about God when they were young, but back then he regrettably didn’t know God himself.”

After suffering a stroke on May 14, Theo went to be with the Lord he loved on May 23, 2013.

Jim commented, “The house next door seems so empty and still now. But we look foreward to meeting him again in heaven.”

Roy Davison devotes himself to the gospel in Belgium, as well as being a part-time translator. He is the creator of the Old Paths websites (

The Power of the Gospel in Print

 ARUSHA, Tanzania (BNc) — Boma Ng´ombe [“Village of Cows”] is the hometown of Ahser Mbasha. It is located at the foot of beautiful Mt Kilmanjaro in Tanzania on the road between Arusha and Moshi. Continue reading “The Power of the Gospel in Print”

Roy Davison devotes himself to the gospel in Belgium, as well as being a part-time translator. He is the creator of the Old Paths websites (

“What is your life?”


ALKEN, Belgium (BNc) – “What is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away” (James 4:14).

Jacob’s prayer expresses my feelings as I look back over the last fifty years: “I am not worthy of the least of all the mercies and of all the truth which You have shown Your servant” (Genesis 32:10).

On September the 12th, 2013 it was fifty years since I immigrated to Europe to preach the unsearchable riches of Christ.

I was planning to be a missionary when I entered college, but had not chosen a field. During two weeks before school started, I had a job chopping weeds on the ACC campus and met a Dutchman, Cor van Ewijk, who was doing the same. A friendship developed, he invited me to come to Holland, and I took private Dutch lessons from him for one year.

After graduation in 61, with a major in oral interpretation and minors in Bible and Greek, I helped with evangelistic campaigns in Salmon Arm, British Columbia and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

That fall I started preaching for the church in Sarnia, Ontario with the understanding that I would be going to Europe after a year. I wanted to have some preaching experience in English before going overseas. At Sarnia I took private Dutch lessons from a school teacher from Holland.

The first part of 63, after holding meetings at Beamsville, Ontario and Weyburn, Saskatchewan, I travelled to raise support. Before going to Holland I studied Dutch full-time for a month with the Berlitz language school in Houston, and took two summer courses in mission methods at the Harding Graduate School in Memphis.

My first year in Holland I averaged 20 hours per week studying Dutch, including instruction from two speech therapists. I took regular private lessons in Dutch for the first five years.

After working for a year and a half with Dan Boyd in Utrecht and one summer in Amsterdam, I accepted an invitation in the fall of 65 to work with the church in Ostend, Belgium. They were the only Flemish congregation at the time.

During my two years in Ostend, literature was distributed to every door in the city three times and an evangelistic campaign was conducted with the help of five brethren from Holland.

In spite of these efforts, I was not able to arrange a single home Bible study in Ostend!

The summer before I moved to Belgium, however, while at Aylesbury Bible School to teach a class on preaching, Phil Slate gave me a Herald of Truth contact from Roeselare, which is near Ostend. After some correspondence, I began regular studies with the Denys family in Roeselare.

When the first two were baptized in November of 66, I taught them how to conduct worship in their home, continued regular Bible studies, and at their invitation moved to Roeselare the summer of 67.

The fall of 67 I started teaching two days a week at the School of the Bible in Verviers, Belgium and continued this until the school closed in 70 upon the Don Taylors’ return to the States.

The summer of 68 Rita and I were married. We both had attended high school for four years at Radville Christian College in Saskatchewan. She had been a widow for 7 years, so I also gained an eight-year old son, Stuart! In due time our two daughters were born, Tonia and Connie. We now have ten grandchildren, the icing on the cake of life!

In Roeselare I was able to arrange home Bible studies and soon was averaging three per week. These resulted in baptisms and by 69 there were seven men in the congregation, most of whom had learned to teach and preach. In each congregation I make it my aim to “declare the whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:29) and to teach the men to serve according to their ability. I emphasize that we must carefully follow God’s word in all that we do in His name! On January 11, 1970, two men were appointed as elders and my work at Roeselare was then under their oversight.

To heed the great commission, we decided we should preach to all of Flanders. Since local newspaper ads had been effective, in 1970 the congregation (at their own expense) started placing want ads once a month in one and a half million homes throughout Flanders to advertise a Bible correspondence course. It was agreed that the other brethren would follow up local contacts and that I would study with those who were farther away.

As a result of home Bible studies from these ads, couples were baptized in Kortrijk and Kessel-Lo, whom I taught to worship in their homes and visited regularly for study. Unfortunately both fell away. In Kessel-Lo they were afraid they would lose Catholic social services. In Kortrijk they decided it was a burden to worship every Lord’s day, and that they could worship God just as well by going for a walk in the woods!

There was good response from the Antwerp area and the first part of 71 I studied with several families there, but none became Christians.

On November 21st of 71 Richard Amssoms Sr. who lived in Merksem (a suburb of Antwerp) was baptized, and two weeks later his wife, Gilda, was baptized. In time, others they knew were also baptized. Each Thursday evening I went from Roeselare for a Bible study, and they conducted their own worship on Sundays. This was a three or four hour trip each way because there was not yet a freeway between Gent and Antwerp. It took an hour just to get through Gent.

At the invitation of the Merksem brethren, we moved to the Antwerp area (Beveren-Waas) in August of 72.

This was also more central for home Bible studies. I usually had eight studies in progress in a two-week cycle throughout Flanders, often driving between one and two hours each way for the studies.

In January of 72 we started having a student evangelist come for one year. Mark Brazle was the first. Blair Roberts came in June of 73. Eight came in all, the others were Wendell Bailey, Kerk Roberts, Lyn Meter, Brian Olson, John Smith and Dave Pennington. These young men were chosen and sent by the elders of the church in Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

In May of 73 Mark came back with a group of six students for a month’s campaign. 176,000 enrolment cards for a Bible course were distributed in all major cities of Flanders. Similar groups came each summer for three more years. The last year two groups came for one month each. It was extremely hot and only 73,000 cards were distributed that summer. Larry Good and Paul Brazle were among those who came for summer campaigns.

In 72 and 73 I studied with, and baptized a family in Oudenaarde, and taught them to worship in their home. I studied with a man in Gent and baptized him (he had been my neighbor in Ostend), and he worshiped with the Oudenaarde brethren.

After several years, the church in Oudenaarde disbanded when they decided to join the local Protestant Church, supposedly to help them learn the truth from the inside. That of course never works. How can you encourage people to abandon a bad tree while nesting in it?

On February 26 of 75 I baptized a man in Boortmeerbeek. For some months he drove to Merksem for worship. When another man I was studying with in that area was baptized, they started meeting together in Boortmeerbeek. In June of 76 both of their wives were baptized.

In 76 we moved to the Hasselt area and started worshiping with a couple who had been contacted by card distribution. The student evangelist that year, distributed 43,000 enrolment cards in Maaseik, Maastricht en Tongeren.

After studies with Hans and Ans van Erp in Asten, Holland near Eindhoven, they were baptized in November of 76 and started meeting in their home. They taught and baptized their neighbor and formed the core of the church in Eindhoven.

On November 11th, 77 Mark and Jill Brazle, and Larry and Gale Good arrived in Leuven to begin a team effort. Blair and Susan Roberts joined them in January of 78.

In 79 and 80 I studied with a couple in Gent who were baptized. We met with them for a while and tried to help them form a congregation, but because of addiction to alcohol and sleeping pills, they fell away.

Rita deserves much credit for keeping the home fires burning for many years while I was away three or four nights a week conducting home Bible studies. The student evangelists also ate five meals a week in our home.

By 1980 there were congregations throughout Flanders, so I decided to concentrate my efforts closer to home and to pass distant contacts on to others. The baptism of Willy De Groot and his family resulted from such a “passed on” contact.

In 93 I started serving as a visiting speaker for various congregations in Belgium and Holland. At present I preach once a month in Eindhoven and Den Dolder, Holland and in Brussels, Belgium, in addition to working with the church in Burcht, which meets in the afternoon.

In 97 I launched the Old Paths Archive on the Internet ( which now has about a thousand visitors each day. I also publish 20 other web sites with teaching material in Dutch, French, German, Russian and Chinese. All of these sites combined get about a million visitors per year.

The sermons I preach each month to 100 people in Holland and Belgium are published on the Internet in text and audio. I prepare them with the same care I would if I were preaching to 20,000 people, the number who consult my lessons each year.

In 2001 we were invited to start working with a house church in Burcht, which in the meantime meets in a rented hall and has mutated into an English language congregation. On June 13, 2010 we had a foretaste of heaven. The sixteen present around the Lord’s table (including visitors from two other congregations) could communicate in nineteen languages! (Aramaic, Bassar, Chinese, Dutch, English, Ewe, Gallego, German, Fanti, French, Italian, Nzema, Papiamento, Polish, Portugese, Sign language for the deaf, Spanish, Turkish and Twi).

The Strathmore congregation in Toronto mails out Video DVD’s of five lectures I gave there in 2006 entitled: “Can we be the church of the New Testament?” So far they have been sent to 430 addresses in 44 countries. An African brother told me that he shows the five lessons from village to village using a laptop and a portable power supply to encourage people to be Christians only.

I am thankful that the Lord has enabled me to serve Him in the Dutch-speaking part of Europe these 50 years. I am also thankful for our supporters (many of whom have gone to be with the Lord), for faithful fellow workers, and for dedicated Flemish and Dutch Christians among whom we have been privileged to serve.

Roy Davison (December 2013)



Roy Davison devotes himself to the gospel in Belgium, as well as being a part-time translator. He is the creator of the Old Paths websites (

Saints from six Dutch and Flemish congregations sing together


HAARLEM, Netherlands (BNc) by Roy Davison — Christians from six congregations in Holland and Flanders gathered in Haarlem, Holland, to praise God in song on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 15.

Jim and Ruth Krumrei have been missionaries in Haarlem since 1963.

The church in Haarlem was begun by Jacob C. Vandervis and Bill Phillips in the fall of 1946. This was the first congregation established by missionaries of churches of Christ on the Continent after WWII.

Brother Vandervis, a Dutchman, was converted by Otis Gatewood in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1942 and began making plans to return to Holland to preach the gospel once the war was over.

Roy Davison devotes himself to the gospel in Belgium, as well as being a part-time translator. He is the creator of the Old Paths websites (

Nine Christians killed in Pakistan bus bombing

MASTUNG, Pakistan (BNc) — Nine Christians were among the eighteen people killed in a bomb blast in Pakistan on June 11th. There were also Christians among the injured.

A bomb planted on a motorbike exploded at about 9:20 a.m. as an intercity passenger bus carrying about 60 people passed. It was on its way from Quetta to Noshki near the Iranian border. Continue reading “Nine Christians killed in Pakistan bus bombing”

Roy Davison devotes himself to the gospel in Belgium, as well as being a part-time translator. He is the creator of the Old Paths websites (

Eindhoven hosts lectures on ‘The Way’


EINDHOVEN, Holland (BNc) – On April 13th and 14th, 50 brethren from 7 congregations in Holland and Flanders gathered in Eindhoven for a series of 7 lectures on ‘The Way’ presented by Daniel Napier. Continue reading “Eindhoven hosts lectures on ‘The Way’”

Roy Davison devotes himself to the gospel in Belgium, as well as being a part-time translator. He is the creator of the Old Paths websites (

Jim Krumrei celebrates 80th birthday

HAARLEM, Holland (BNc) — Seventy people attended the 80th birthday celebration of Jim Krumrei in Haarlem on February 26th. Except for periods of a few months spent in the US, Jim and Ruth Krumrei completed their 49th year of continual service on the mission field in January of 2012. Continue reading “Jim Krumrei celebrates 80th birthday”

Roy Davison devotes himself to the gospel in Belgium, as well as being a part-time translator. He is the creator of the Old Paths websites (

‘Don Wood’ sentenced to five years

ERIE, Penn. (BNc) — On Jan. 26, 2012 Donald Keith Turner (known among churches of Christ by his alias, Don L. Wood) was sentenced to five years imprisonment, three years of supervised release, and restitution to the IRS of $408,034. He was convicted by jury trial at Erie, Penn., Sept. 15, 2011, for conspiring to defraud the United States of tax revenue. He appealed the decision on technicalities but lost the appeal. Continue reading “‘Don Wood’ sentenced to five years”

Roy Davison devotes himself to the gospel in Belgium, as well as being a part-time translator. He is the creator of the Old Paths websites (