BELGIUM, Sint-Niklaas (BNc) – About a year ago a young couple in Sint-Niklaas with three lovely daughters asked if I would conduct a Bible study in their home each week. Rita and I started traveling by car two hours each way each Friday for the study. We had just finished the book of Acts when the virus struck. Rita and I were instructed to stay in our home because of our age.
Last night we began a new study on Romans, this time via the Internet. We were all happy to see each other again, even though only on the screen! As usual I first had the children sing a song and answer some Bible questions. There was good feedback during the study.
At the end I asked if Friday was still a good day for the study. They said they wanted a study on Wednesday. I replied, “That will be fine. We can have the study on Wednesday if that is better.” They said, “No. We mean that we want a study on Friday AND Wednesday, since you don’t have to drive!”