FLORIDA, Branford (BNc) – On Thursday, April 23rd, at about 9 p.m. a tornado heavily damaged the buildings of the Burlington Santa Fe Church of Christ that meets seven miles east of Branford.

Ken Campbell who preaches for the congregation writes, “We were in our bathtub when it hit. It was very loud and fast. Our old auditorium has a large hole in the north side and the new auditorium has some minor shingle damage. The preacher’s house took a big hit. We had a large tree fall on the house. There are several holes in the roof. Some of our ceilings are falling in, all of the flooring will need to be replaced. The house has some structural damage. The north wall is leaning out. We are very grateful that we did not receive a scratch. The bathroom we were in had a branch come through the ceiling.”

The next day around thirty members came to help clean up and some from the community also stopped to help. The congregation’s insurance will pay only a fraction of the cost of repairs.

The congregation has a Sunday attendance of around 130. Because of the virus crisis, they are currently meeting in small groups and some are watching other congregations stream their services over the Internet.