Pray for Christians in difficult places

WORLD, Someplace (BNc) -- Much is being done to the glory of God that cannot be reported. We regularly receive information about wonderful examples of dedication and the spread of the gospel in places where it is illegal to be a Christian or where there is persecution. We refrain from publishing these stories because to … Continue reading Pray for Christians in difficult places

Elk City Broadcasts Words of Life

ELK CITY, Okla. (BNc) -- The Northeast church of Christ recently began broadcasting brief Gospel messages on YouTube under the theme, 'Words of Life', with Jerry Brewer as speaker.   The web address is: A simple informal approach is used. Topics discussed so far include "Death comes to all," "A good man" and "The … Continue reading Elk City Broadcasts Words of Life

Trent Campbell’s passing

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (BNC) -- Trent Campbell, 71, passed away on June 28, 2011 at Wichita Falls, Texas after a period of declining health. His passing is mourned by his loving wife of 49 years, Murty ‘Billie’ Campbell; three children Kelley Weatherly (Mitch Weatherly), Foy Campbell (Mary Campbell), and Regina Campbell; and his two sisters … Continue reading Trent Campbell’s passing

Fellowship meeting of Dutch-speaking Christians

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (BNc) -- On June 13th, 80 Christians from nine congregations in the Dutch-speaking part of Europe (Holland and Flanders) assembled in The Hague for their annual spring fellowship. Ruud Verheijen from the congregation in Maastricht, Holland gave the theme lecture on the Book of Acts. He emphasized that we also must act … Continue reading Fellowship meeting of Dutch-speaking Christians

Sermons by V.E. Howard on Internet

Alken, Belgium (BNc) -- The Old Paths Archive now contains radio broadcasts and lectures by V.E. Howard. Brother Howard began preaching on the radio at Hot Springs, Arkansas in 1934. In 1995, because of failing health, he turned the 'International Gospel Hour' radio broadcast over to the elders of the West Fayetteville congregation in Fayetteville, … Continue reading Sermons by V.E. Howard on Internet

A foretaste of heaven

Burcht, Belgium (BNc) -- On Sunday, June 13, the sixteen who assembled in Burcht could speak nineteen languages! The English-language congregation that meets in Burcht, Belgium (across the river from Antwerp) is small. Sixteen were present on Sunday. Two regulars were absent. Brother Philip Dela and his family from the church in Maastricht, Holland were … Continue reading A foretaste of heaven

Bible Classes at Kalamindi for Area Preachers

NDHIWA, Kenya (BNC) -- The congregation at Kalamindi hosted two weeks of advanced Bible studies for preachers ending on Sunday, April 4th, 2010. Brother Elias Owana Omollo, who preaches for the congregation at Lieta, taught fourteen men from surrounding congregations from the book of Ephesians. Classes were conducted each weekday from 8:30 to 11:oo a.m. … Continue reading Bible Classes at Kalamindi for Area Preachers

Preaching trip to Singapore and Indonesia

Duluth, Georgia (BNc) -- From March 9-30, 2010 John Grubb made a preaching trip to Singapore and Indonesia. This was his 36th mission trip since 1992. After the 25-hour trip to Singapore, he spoke at the Lim Ah Pin congregation during their Thursday night English Bible class. On Friday night he began a gospel meeting … Continue reading Preaching trip to Singapore and Indonesia

New Sermon by Marshall Keeble in Archive

A new 45-minute lesson by Marshall Keeble has been added to the Old Paths Archive. The lesson is entitled 'Christ, Lifted Up' and was presented in a gospel meeting at the Springfield church of Christ. The recording was so faint that not a word could be understood, but with audio software it was possible to … Continue reading New Sermon by Marshall Keeble in Archive

Rat attends ladies’ study

LONGIDO, Tanzania (BNc) -- On Aug. 1 Jane Desdery, Joy Jensen, Agnes Kamarage, Neema Martin and Stephanie Stafford traveled from Arusha to the Maasai bush country to conduct a day of Bible studies for the ladies of a new congregation in the Longido region. When Stephanie, the first speaker, had been teaching for only a … Continue reading Rat attends ladies’ study

‘Acts For Today’ Web Site

BELGIUM, Alken (BNc) -- A web site on the Book of Acts has been launched to teach the gospel of Christ. ‘Acts For Today’ has the World English Bible translation of Acts with an oral reading of each chapter. There are links to Mark Copeland’s ‘Conversions In The Book Of Acts’ and to J.W. McGarvey’s … Continue reading ‘Acts For Today’ Web Site

120 Attend Dutch-Language Fellowship

THE HAGUE, Holland (BNc) -- On June 1 about 120 Dutch-speaking Christians from nine congregations in Holland and Flanders (Belgium) met at The Hague for their yearly spring fellowship meeting. This year the congregation in Maastricht was responsible for the program, which was on the theme ‘One in the Spirit’. In the introductory address Ruud … Continue reading 120 Attend Dutch-Language Fellowship

Elders’ retreat hosted by Faulkner University

MONTGOMERY, Alabama (BNc) -- From June 8-11 a retreat for elders and their wives will be held on the campus of Faulkner University. ‘Elders Connect 2009’ is the 14th edition of this annual event, intended as an opportunity for spiritual refreshment, Bible study and fellowship. Lectures by Cecil May, Jr on the theme ‘Seeking Biblical … Continue reading Elders’ retreat hosted by Faulkner University