As brothers and sisters devoting themselves in a joint effort, we share certain convictions. We can’t mention all of them, but some deserve space. And we’ll dispense with Scripture references here, since this is not a teaching article, but some pegs to define where our tent has been raised.

  • God is, above all, gracious, loving, and good. He is sovereign Lord, eternal, unique. Knowledge and power are his. His mercies know no boundaries. His holiness is pure, his justice unswerving, his wrath unturned by human efforts to placate his glorious nature. For he has given us the ultimate solution in Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior.
  • Jesus is the only name by which we must be saved. As “God with us” his death on the cross provides our way back to the Creator who made us for his fellowship. He is to be worshiped and followed as Lord and Savior, in that order. He also provides us the perfect example in order to please the Father.
  • The Spirit reveals the mind of God and inspired the holy apostles and prophets to write for all mankind. He uses the written Word to convince, convert, strengthen, and usher us into the presence of God. He is God’s gift to his people, upon their obedience, as the divine habitation within the human soul, in order to produce his character in us and empower us for God’s mission in the world.
  • The New Testament provides the pattern for the people of God in all they do. The Gospels, Acts, and the letters serve as our example in personal faith and corporate work and worship. Though general principles abound, as per Matt. 22:37-40, specific commands also direct our way. Among them, the essentiality of immersion in order to be saved, worshiping by song, and establishing truth through the testimony of two or three witnesses.
  • The people of God are gathered into one body. Denominations are divisions that displease God. His people wear the name of Christ and none other. Efforts to ignore significant differences in teachings undermine his authority. Christians must test what is right and holy by the Word.
  • God saves by his grace, through faith and obedience. Grace is a free gift: nothing man can do ever causes him to merit salvation or earn points with God. Grace has its conditions: obedience to God’s commands are necessary to receive eternal life.