1. Can I reprint BrotherhoodNews.com reports and stories? We hope you will! Churches and individuals may reprint BNC stories, without alteration, provided attribution is made to BrotherhoodNews.com, including the site link. Print publications may be given permission upon consultation.
  2. May I submit a story or tip? We’re counting on it! See the page You Report above for suggestions and procedures.
  3. Why another news organ for churches of Christ? Why not? So many good things are happening out there that few hear about. We want to get out the good news, fast, as complete as possible, to as many as possible.
  4. Can I link to your site? Absolutely. It’ll make our day.
  5. Who’s behind this work? A group of friends with ink for blood and a love for a dynamic body of Christ. BNC is sponsored by the GoSpeak/Forthright ministry. For specific attributions, see the About page.
  6. How can I help? With your eyes, ears, and fingers. Send tips, write stories, suggest people or churches to spotlight. If you’d like to have a hook for your hat, work your way in by showing us what you can do. As we gain confidence in the quality of your work, we’ll fit you in.
  7. Can I comment on a story? Feel free to comment, we appreciate feedback, we take criticism and suggestions seriously in order to do a better job. Having said that, we created this site as a positive place for news about those churches of Christ that adhere to the New Testament as its pattern for faith and practice. So we don’t tolerate bashers and hecklers. Nor is this the place for doctrinal discussion. For that, we recommend the Christian Forum, where some of us participate. And to those who want to move churches in a different direction, to permit what has not been authorized, we say: please move on, you’ll not find space here for your efforts.
  8. Why was my comment not approved? The editors do their best to be fair to all, regardless of a reader’s perspective, but they do not provide a comment area open for any type of reader response. There may be a number of reasons why a comment may not be approved. The language may be deemed inappropriate for this venue. The spirit and attitude of the poster is also taken into account. Personal attacks are promptly deleted. Corrections are welcome and objections are not rejected out of hand, but arrogance and conceit won’t usually make it out the gate. As per #7 above, heavy doctrinal discussions are not considered appropriate for this medium. Editors do not consider it necessary to explain individual editorial decisions.
  9. Why did you take so long to approve my comment or answer my email? BNC is a voluntary effort whose editors and writers have jobs and families. They get to the comments and emails as they are able. Sometimes they even let stories and tips fall through cracks. They do their best, but they’re the first to acknowledge that sometimes the best, within their constraints, isn’t always up to par. They can only ask the indulgence of the readers.