TENNESSEE, West Fayetteville – (BNc). Jeff Archey is the new director and speaker for the International Gospel Hour radio broadcast, under the oversight of the elders of the West Fayetteville Church of Christ.

The International Gospel Hour was begun by V. E. Howard in 1934. In 1995 he turned the program over to the West Fayetteville congregation to be continued by Winford Claiborne. In 2015 Jody Apple began serving as speaker and in January of 2020 Jeff Archey was appointed.

Jeff has extensive experience in radio preaching, including a weekly program, “Declaring Glad Tidings,” broadcast from Cleveland, Tennessee and daily spots: “A minute for the Master.” He is on the Gospel Broadcasting Network as host for “Book, Chapter and Verse” and previously, “Focus on Faith.”

Van Sprague has been appointed as business manager for IGH, in addition to his work as family minister for the West Fayetteville congregation.