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by James D. Suiter

SULPHUR SPRINGS, Tex. (BNc) – Have you ever wished that we had a morning wake-up radio program in churches of Christ and encouraging programming on radio to listen to from the brotherhood throughout the day? I know I have.

Brother Luis Camacho, gospel preacher and producer at Radio and Managing Director at, has started to fill this void! has a morning program, with Robert Stapleton at 6 and with Luis and Mike Long at 7-9 and other speakers through the day and evening.

There is a chat box in which listeners on the net can engage the speakers, and even have a request for folks to call in on some programming with comments or questions and prayer requests.

It was such a breath of fresh air when GBN came along. Now we have a radio station to listen to 24/7 with great a capella singing in between the lessons!

Check it out and tell others about This is one of five brotherhood stations all streaming on the net on

Luis is a graduate of the Bear Valley Institute of Denver and these stations are working in cooperation with the Brown Trail School of Preaching in Texas.

Harris & Moore Expedition Through the Bible answers live questions

DUBLIN, Tex. (BNc) — Every Monday from 6-7:00 p.m. CST, David Harris and Tom Moore present lessons from the Bible on their phone-in talk show.

In an email interview with David Harris, BNc asked him about the program’s origins and development.

Can you give us a little background about the radio program?

It all started in October of 2008. I was sitting in my office one afternoon, when Mike Trusty, a Gospel preacher, walked in and said that he had just bought a radio station. He wanted to know if I would like to have a radio program. He said he would give me one half hour of air time free on his radio station, KEQX. I told him that I had been thinking of something like this but money had been an issue. Read more