Know the truthorg

by James D. Suiter

SULPHUR SPRINGS, Tex. (BNc) — Have you ever wished that we had a morning wake-up radio program in churches of Christ and encouraging programming on radio to listen to from the brotherhood throughout the day? I know I have.

Brother Luis Camacho, gospel preacher and producer at Radio and Managing Director at, has started to fill this void! has a morning program, with Robert Stapleton at 6 and with Luis and Mike Long at 7-9 and other speakers through the day and evening.

There is a chat box in which listeners on the net can engage the speakers, and even have a request for folks to call in on some programming with comments or questions and prayer requests.

It was such a breath of fresh air when GBN came along. Now we have a radio station to listen to 24/7 with great a capella singing in between the lessons!

Check it out and tell others about This is one of five brotherhood stations all streaming on the net on

Luis is a graduate of the Bear Valley Institute of Denver and these stations are working in cooperation with the Brown Trail School of Preaching in Texas.



  1. Its a good development that we should be proud of in the brotherhood. Similar medium of transmitting the gospel in western Uganda is being planned by Isule church of Christ; this is an avenue that will make it easy to reach the gospel to thousands of lost souls in western Uganda and parts of Eastern Democratic Republic of CONGO. We desire to see brothers who can come out to give a hand so as to maintain the sustainability of this program. For any inquiry contact the program coordinator on e-mail:

  2. I’d love to listen to KTTR, but if you have a VPN, it will not play on your laptop, or on your iPhone, if using it’s app.