QUINLAN, Tex. (BNC) — A woman in the Philippines was converted last week through the Internet radio station, Know the Truth Radio, Steve Weeks, of KTTR, said.

Several months ago, Henry Doty of Dayton, Oh., invited an online acquaintance to listen to kttr.org.

Imelda started listening to the broadcast and participated in the online chat. She became interested in learning more about the gospel. Filipino preacher Ed Maq agreed to visit Imelda and assist in this evangelism effort.

Ed enlisted the aid of Efren and Joy Esteban, Christians who live near Imelda, to set up a study. They invited her to church meetings and studied with her and some of her neighbors.

Imelda continued to listen to kttr.org and participate in the chat.

After several studies with Ed, Efren, and Joy, Imelda decided to put the Lord on in baptism this past weekend and was added to the body of Christ. Randy Macapagal, another gospel preacher, also assisted.

“We rejoice with her and with our Father in heaven as we now have a new sister!” Steve wrote.

KTTR is hosted by Radio40.org, a 24-hour broadcast in English and Spanish with the gospel of Christ. The service consists of five Internet radio stations, one English and four Spanish, with the purpose of broadcasting biblical content with the best audio quality.

Luis Camacho, of Quinlan, Tex., oversees this effort, which is sponsored by the Quinlan, Tex., congregation.

This report was based on information provided by Steve Weeks, James Suiter, and website information.