Professor Jody Apple

Professor Jody Apple

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (BNc) — At the appreciation dinner given in his honor Feb. 26 at the Southeast Institute for Biblical Studies, Winford Claiborne announced that Jody Apple will follow him as the third speaker for International Gospel Hour.

Jody is a member of the SEIBS faculty and serves as Director of Information and Technology.

He previously served churches in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Lebanon,  Tenn., and Media, Penn.

The program is heard on hundreds of radio stations that blanket much of North America. It is presented in 30-, 25-, 15-, and 5-minute formats.

Brother Claiborne has served as the director and speaker of the program since 1995.

The program is overseen by the West Fayetteville congregation in Fayetteville, Tenn.

IGH was begun in 1934 by V.E. Howard and is one of the longest running radio programs on the air.

A timetable has yet to be established for the transition.