Program logo for "Light from Above"

Program logo for “Light from Above”

OLIVE BRANCH, Miss. (BNc) — The Gospel Broadcasting Network (GBN) announced in February that David Kenney’s “Light from Above” program will be included in its programming.

“Light From Above” is sponsored by the West Good Avenue congregation in Wadsworth, Oh., and produced at WCTV studios.

The program won Runner-Up for Best Religious Program in the 2012 WCTV Clapper Awards and was submitted to GBN for consideration in their programming.

The program focuses focus on apologetics to answer attacks against Christianity, overview of the Bible and its various books, textual studies, interviews of special guests, and more.

“My desire is to present lessons which encourage and challenge the audience to think critically about spiritual matters and the pursuit of truth. As GBN states, ‘The truth matters here’ and so it does on our program as well,” David Kenney, speaker and producer of the show, stated.

Mark Teske, Director of Operations for GBN, said, “GBN is excited to have the addition of ‘Light from Above’ to our regular programming schedule. The program’s focus on apologetics and textual studies fits in with GBN’s programming needs of sharing the Gospel with our viewers.  David Kenney is a capable host whose scholarship is worthy of the attention of our viewers. ‘Light from Above’ does not request funds from its viewers, a requirement of every program that airs on GBN.  The network is funded entirely by contributions from congregations and members of the body of Christ.”

Program speaker David Kenney“It never entered my mind that I would ever produce or be a speaker on a television show, but the opportunity provided by WCTV and the City of Wadsworth opened the door. When a door opens like this, it is very difficult not to walk through it. I realize I am not the best speaker for this type of program; however, I will certainly do my best and work to improve with more experience,” David Kenney said.

David began working with the church on West Good Avenue as an evangelist July, 2010, and began broadcasting on WCTV Jan., 2012.

“The congregation has been very supportive and encouraging with the TV program. I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with the congregation at Wadsworth,” David said.

John Madding, CATV/WCTV Programming and Access Manager, stated, “This is the first program produced at WCTV to join a nationally televised network. We are very excited to see a local program reach a national network audience.”

“I am very thankful to John Madding and the staff for teaching me about TV production. Their support and guidance have been very helpful, and their respect for various program views is appreciated as well. They may or may not agree with some of the points I make; however, they help me make those points to the best of my ability on the program,” David said.

“Light from Above” is seen locally in Wadsworth on WCTV Channel 15 at Fridays (12:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.), Mondays (9:00 p.m.), Wednesdays (7:00 p.m.), Thursdays (9:00 a.m. & 11:00 p.m.), or online.

To view the GBN programming schedule or to watch online, visit their website.

The Gospel Broadcasting Network recently moved to new headquarters in Olive Branch. It does not solicit funds but is wholly supported by churches of Christ.