WICKSBURG, Al (BNc) – Dr. Mark Turner, Evangelist, for the Christian Home Church of Christ, Wicksburg, AL, came out of the church door Sunday morning with a microphone in his hand and welcomed everyone to the worship service. His audience was not seated inside a warm building on church pews, but rather were outside in cars parked facing the front porch of the church building.

Songs sheets and communion sets were passed out before the worship service by a couple of young men with baskets on the end of long poles. Car windows were let down and those attending selected song sheets and communion supplies from the baskets. The contribution was taken up this way near the end of the service.

After the morning announcements, song service and Lord’s supper, Mark Turner brought the thought-provoking lesson from the front porch of the church building. Turner has excitedly shared how immediately after the Covid-19 pandemic began the members were able to secure an old drive-in theatre’s PA system. They set it up for use outside by the church. Members turned their car radios to the designated station and listened to the services as if they were in the building. A few members masked up and met inside an annex room where radios were available for listening.

Drizzling rain fell during the one hour worship service, but members participated from snug and dry cars. The Christian Home congregation has met this way regularly since the pandemic began.