MT JULIET, Tenn. (BNC) — Preacher David Shannon will assume the presidency of Freed-Hardeman University in a few weeks, meaning the loss of his presence in the pulpit and life of the Mt Juliet congregation. After 18 years of David’s ministry and a growth from 500 to 1000 saints, the congregation must now deal with a big change.

Tim Martin, one of their ministers, wrote May 3 about the inevitable change that occurs in life, including that of a congregation.

How the members of this congregation face the challenge of a change in the pulpit will demonstrate whether or not they trust in God. His plans are bigger than our plans, His decisions are beyond our ability to anticipate or understand, and His will is superior to our own. I personally believe God is ready for the Mt. Juliet congregation to do big things. I believe He is ready for us to continue growing and maturing. The lost souls of our community will still be there tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year no matter who is in the pictures hanging in our foyer. Our members will still need shoulders to cry on, visits when they are sick, a compassionate embrace at the funeral home, and congratulatory hugs in maternity wards.

May we all follow God’s lead, pray for wisdom in our leadership, and continue the Lord’s work here in Mt. Juliet and the world.

David Shannon speaks from Mt Juliet pulpit

In every change, God works and desires his people to glorify him and fulfill the work Christ gave them to do. May he bless the Mt Juliet congregation in this transition.