ABILENE, Tex. (BNC) — The Baker Heights congregation hosted a Trunk-or-Treat in its parking lot for Halloween, during which 12 people requested a Bible study.

“We had hundreds of people come through. 133 people filled out ballots with contact information. 59 indicated they would like to learn more about Baker Heights, 12 said they would like a Bible study, and five asked for a personal visit from someone from the congregation,” Youth and Family Minister Luke Bower said.

Evidently, the effort included a booth or maybe even a trunk offering information about the congregation. By press time, no one from the congregation had replied to our queries. We also asked if workers had gone from house to house in the surrounding area with invitations.

Here is an example of a church that understand its mission and uses every moment to reach the lost.


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  1. Good morning, we held a Trunk or Treat at the Newalla Church of Christ in Newalla Oklahoma….we’ve done this for the past 6 years. We handed out over 500 hot dog, hundreds of bags of pop corn, cookies and cupcakes, we do a hay ride; and like Baker Heights, we handed out a flyer and asked the same questions…we have about 30 folks who want to know more and want a visit! Truthfully, this is one of our biggest outreaches to our neighborhood…our congregation is only 100+ strong, but mighty in this regard. We had 24 folks set up their trunks and pass out candy to hundreds of kids…fun!