by Tim Hall

Pisco Peru saintsPISCO, Peru (BNc)- A major earthquake struck portions of southern Peru on August 15, 2007. One of the hardest hit areas was the village of Pisco.

Most houses in that town were lost, and people’s lives were literally turned upside down.

Faculty and students from the Inter-American Biblical Institute worked quickly to take water, food and other relief supplies to Pisco. This school, located in Lima, has not been long in existence, but is already making a difference in the region. These Christians came to a town that had no congregation of Christ. Their plan was to bring spiritual relief, in addition to the physical necessities.

After months of Bible studies, the brethren from Lima set February 19 as the date to baptize three who were ready to put on Christ. On the 17th, they received a call that the river in Pisco was dry; the baptisms would have to wait. But the Christians did not postpone their trip, believing that God would make a way for these new births to take place.

When the brethren from Lima arrived on the 19th after their three-hour trip to Pisco, they found the river swollen from unexpected heavy rains. The three individuals in the photo – Albina, Francisco and Karina – are now your sisters and brother in Christ. And the Lord’s church is now established in Pisco.

Long ago in a city called Thessalonica, people noticed the difference Christians were making. It was said of these early disciples, “These who have turned the world upside down have come here, too” (Acts 17:6). It has happened many times since. When God’s people have a mind to work, they draw the attention of the world.

Let us pray for our brethren in Peru, and especially for those who are training to preach and teach the gospel. Let us also pray for our brethren in the United States, that we may learn anew from the Peruvian churches how to “turn the world upside down.”