RECIFE, Brazil (BNc) by Randy Joseph Short — Twenty Brazilian Christians responded to a call to commit to adopting one of the municipalities in the Northeast in a leadership encounter held last weekend.

The Brazilians accepted the responsibility to encourage their congregations to do what they can to preach the gospel of Jesus there. What a great culmination to our time together this was!

We, the staff at EBNESR training school, help organize two leadership encounters each year. One is done in the Recife Metropolitan area and one moves from place to place around the Northeast to try and make it convenient for more people.

November 15th is a holiday in Brazil, so this year we used it to have our Elicamp Leadership Encounter to be able to start a bit earlier.

This Elicamp was used to motivate churches and individual Christians to look to the horizons for ways to take to gospel of Jesus Christ to one more of the 1,793 municipalities in the Northeast.

There are still so many cities that have not heard the pure and simple gospel of Jesus, and many that do not have a body of believers meeting there.

There were 81 participants from congregations in six of the nine states in the Northeast, representing 26 congregations of the 145 already established.

How to establish a congregation in each of the 1,793 municipalities in the Northeast was the theme.

Lectures from well-respected speakers from around the northeast edified and motivated us all to do our part.

The fellowship time was great, as was the food. We met at the LAR Maná, our Christian children’s home.

The prayer times were special, but the more than 20 who responded to the invitation was great. It was not the kind of response you might think, as everyone there were Christians already.

Please continue to pray for all the church and all the Christians in the northeast, that we can remain united and committed to reaching the millions who are still lost here.