PRICEVILLE, AL (BNC) — The Project Rescue ministry working with men with addictions baptized 10 people during the 2020 lockdown, Ronnie Crocker reported Jan. 2.

“When the Covid-19 shutdown hit in March, we decided to keep our eye on the harvest, pray, serve, teach, and minister,” Ronnie wrote. “From March through December, we received 32 souls, who were sent to us by 19 churches of Christ. Twenty of these men are continuing (62.5% success rate!).”

Ronnie wrote that 20 of these men remained in care between 2 and 9 months.

“Each day a member is here, is another opportunity to teach, baptize and teach!” he said.

Ronnie commented on the ill effects of the lockdown:

It is certain that many souls have lost their way in this storm called Covid-19! Regarding eternity, I believe the preventive measures for the pandemic will do more harm than the virus itself. The devil is presently devouring thousands upon thousands of sheep who are now separated from the flock! Also, with so many of our fellow Christians sick or in quarantine, we have been praying more fervently to keep the saved out of heaven than we are to keep the lost out of hell.

The ministry is celebrating 10 years of work.