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Christians serve their Lord and their neighbor, whether they be supported by the church or not.

Project Rescue baptizes 10 during lockdown

“When the Covid-19 shutdown hit in March, we decided to keep our eye on the harvest.”

Confronting predators in church leadership

A sexual abuse survivor shares her experience and perspective on the biblical approach.

60 years offering Christ’s invitation

Ted Knight is in his 60th year of preaching the gospel.

‘Would you want to be lifted up?’

Tim Hall sees a modern parable during a rock concert.

Why preachers plagiarize

Steve Higginbotham points out the problem and offers tips on avoiding it.

Eddie Parrish: 10 lessons learned over 30 years

Texas preacher shares with younger men important lessons he has learned during his decades of ministry.

Preacher’s wife reads poem written by deceased husband for first time

ABILENE, Texas (BNC) — Edie Connel received a surprise Sunday, Sept. 2, when her son Robert handed her a piece of paper before the church meeting started. On the paper was a poem written in 2012 by her husband and… Continue Reading →

New York elder assumes Sermon Lines site

From upstate New York, Douglas Kashorek shares sermon outlines and edits brotherhood contributions.

Preacher naps hard, dresses differently

MASSILLION, Oh. (BNC) by Rick Kelly — This past Sunday, two funny things happened to me. And if you’ve ever listened to Jeanie Robertson, the comedienne, you’ll get this. Just tonight I had someone tell me: “Oh, you’re left-brain for… Continue Reading →

GoSpeak launches 3rd annual Prayer Writing Month

Ministry invites all Christians to participate in various ways.

Camp Amerikraine celebrates 14 years of success

UKRAINE, (BNC) by Jamie Suiter – Camp Amerikraine recently met in the Ukraine for their 14th year this July! According to director Jeff Abrams, Camp Amerikraine had approximately 300 campers. The camp has grown over the years and is the largest… Continue Reading →

What I learned in a hospital room

Alabama minister: “The hospital teaches us what’s most important.”

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