CONWAY, Ark. (BNC) by Ted Knight —

And He said unto them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.”

I remember hearing these words taught from the very early days of my youth. I remember hearing men like Z.Z. Barber, E.R. Harper, V.E. Howard, Guy N. Woods and many others preach sermons which were fully based upon these passages, or they were used to instruct, convict, and lead many people to Christ.

I have preached many sermons which echoed these words clearly and as sincerely as I could present them.

I am now in my 60th year of preaching the gospel and seldom close a sermon without referring to these words or some similar as I try to clearly inform everyone of what they must do to become a Christian.

Other preachers have their convictions which are contrary to mine and in the assembly they do not make a plea for those who are lost to become Christians, but this old preacher will follow his convictions in this matter until he is finished with his last sermon. After all, if Jesus instructed the apostles to proclaim this message, who am I to ignore it?

Beloved brethren, I sometimes shudder to think of the task before us. The population of the world grows every day far more rapidly than we can imagine. Tens of thousands of people die every day without the hope of heaven. Billions of people live in our world in a lost condition. Some have never heard the gospel one time and never will.

I wish that I could go to Romania and with some of our brethren just go from village to village preaching the gospel, distributing Bibles, helping the needy, and assuring them of the hope of heaven through Jesus Christ. They deserve to hear of His grace before they die but most will not.

This text is an excerpt from Ted’s Dec., 2019 report, “Evangelistically Speaking.” Ted is sponsored by the Levy congregation in N. Little Rock AR.