UKRAINE, (BNC) by Jamie Suiter – Camp Amerikraine recently met in the Ukraine for their 14th year this July!

According to director Jeff Abrams, Camp Amerikraine had approximately 300 campers. The camp has grown over the years and is the largest gathering of churches of Christ in the country.

The camp started out focusing mostly on young people, but has evolved into serving more adult Christians and being a tool for uniting churches and strengthening Christian relationships. Twenty-five of the campers were from the occupied territory and fifty were from what we would call a war zone.

The camp has an estimated 10 baptisms per year with eight putting on Christ in baptism this 2016. Although camp is focused on uniting relationships among Christians, some denominational groups were represented with one Muslim from Basra, Iraq. Jeff encouraged campers by telling them Christians in America would continue to stand by and support them in their time of need.

Kate Gladkykh, 21-year-old Christian who participates in Camp Amerikraine and obeyed the gospel several years back while attending had this to say about this year’s session.

“This year was pretty special for so many including me. Camp bound several people together, restored souls, added new friends, refreshed friendship, added eight souls to our forever family. And when I say Camp I mean God. It happened because of Him. He is the only reason this camp lives 14 years in spite of the war. He is the only reason! It’s all about Him.”

The goal next year is to have the biggest group ever of 500 campers! This will be determined by financial assistance raised for this goal. The cost is $100 per camper. This will cover renting the two camps that will be needed, food, t-shirts and some transportation.

Jeff encourages everyone to pray for our brethren in the Ukraine. “They need our prayers… But above that they need our financial assistance. Just today I received news of several churches in the Donetsk Region who are experiencing numerous challenges including financial hardships. Many of these families have lost almost everything except their lives and their faith in God,” said Jeff Abrams.

For those who would like to help financially or participate in some way with Camp Amerikraine 2017, please contact Jeff at