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Christians provide spiritual and biblical perspectives on world events.

Evil never sleeps — not even during the pandemic

Since evil never sleeps, what are we, as children of God, to do?

God produces ‘good effects’ from the current lockdown

Three, yea, four positive results are mentioned in this story.

Coronavirus: An overabundance of caution

There are some spiritual truths that can be learned from an “overabundance of caution.”

To be in or not to be in. Britain leaves the EU.

A Saviour unites us because we are in him.

Why so much to fear?

A man of God answers why fear grips the world.

God’s church faces new type of decision, says Tennessee professor

Kerry Duke says people who grew up in the church are being forced to decide. See why.

Americans spend US$9 billion on Halloween

Will Christians spend for non-essentials to the neglect of God’s mission?

Americans spend more to eat out. Does it matter?

Does it make a difference or is it a sign of something more sinister?

The meaning of life, Will Durant, and New Philosopher: an essay

Elder and evangelist Ron Thomas shares what has driven him to faith.

Bible’s balance answer to backlash against prayer after tragedies

Nehemiah serves as a prime example of prayer and action.

Snowflakes in the desert

(BNC) By Kerry Duke — Snow falls when conditions are just right. One of these is low pressure in the air. Another is cold temperature. Moisture combines with these conditions to give us some of the most beautiful scenery in all… Continue Reading →

What the Bible says about racism

Racism is against the very fiber of God’s ideal will for humankind.

Texas flood a drop in the bucket, says Ill. evangelist

Evangelist Ron Bartanen recalls what Scripture says about the first great flood and the destruction of the world by fire.

Media gets it wrong saying Bible is wrong about Canaanites

Journalists failed to check their sources, but they wanted to bash the Bible.

God gave directions for human waste and spiritual uncleanness

God knows uncleanness brings death, both physically and spiritually.

In shadow of total eclipse, evangelist urges saints not to block Christ’s light

Christians should never block the light of Christ by sin or silence.

Christians dismayed by Charlottesville violence, point to solutions

Saints react to the latest act of political violence in the USA.

Writer ‘appalled’ Steven Hawking calls for humans to leave earth

Christian blogger in Texas is dismayed at ignorance displayed in famous physicist’s pronouncement.

Dylann Roof’s death sentence affirms sacredness of life

The Bible teaches the sanctity of human life through capital punishment.

Germany’s Rent-A-Jew suggests idea for Christians

When we interact with people, we have a chance to grow friendships. We can learn to appreciate the needs, desires, and struggles of others. Our Creator loves each of us. And knowing others gives us a greater chance to teach about the hope we have in us.

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