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Christians provide spiritual and biblical perspectives on world events.

Plants become bomb-sniffers. What else might they tell us?

Plants have a spiritual message, too.

Driverless truck goes 120 miles. No life should go without God as pilot.

Evangelist urges us to let God lead us.

Texas writer: The ‘only viable plan’ to solve US’ widespread corruption

Mike Riley shows path to solving problem of corruption.

On 9/11 we know the number of lives lost, but not the number saved

Shouldn’t this also be an important number to note?

Camp Amerikraine celebrates 14 years of success

UKRAINE, (BNC) by Jamie Suiter – Camp Amerikraine recently met in the Ukraine for their 14th year this July! According to director Jeff Abrams, Camp Amerikraine had approximately 300 campers. The camp has grown over the years and is the largest… Continue Reading →

Is Christianity ugly? Nah, here’s its beauty

Colorado preacher lists the beautiful things he’s seen in the church.

Should I boycott if I love Jesus?

Australian wife in Singapore looks at Target boycott in light of conscience.

Mother with daughter finds man in Walmart bathroom — in middle Tennessee

Man in public women’s restroom tells child she is cute.

‘This is my Father’s world, and he does not care if I touch it!’ Christians and the climate

Six biblical perspectives for an accurate understanding of our world.

Battle for the sexes: American women in combat

Why should women not serve in combat on the battlefield?

‘The Force was strong, but God is omnipotent’

Television speaker reacts to new “Star Wars” movie.

A Christian response to terrorism in France

Former missionary to Honduras shares a short perspective.

Nepal’s new constitution: Christians provide perspective

Missionary Michael Brooks talks with local saints about the political situation.

Trump declines to name a verse after claiming Bible as favorite book

The editor suggests a verse for Trump and invites readers to make suggestions.

The Great Moral Test of Our Time—It’s Time to Speak Up

Minnesota writer calls Christians to action.

Cecil the lion is dead: Selective outrage and misplaced priorities

Texas preacher reflects on reactions to Cecil the lion and Planned Parenthood undercover videos.

That didn’t take long: Lesbians seek church-building ceremony

Church gets same-sex marriage request, updates bylaws.

Texas preacher on SCOTUS same-sex marriage ruling: ‘Be prepared to suffer’

Minister lays out six recommendations for Christians in light of the SCOTUS ruling requiring US states to perform homosexual marriage.

Will Christianity survive?

The future will see new choices that faith calls us to make.

Let my people go! See some other movie instead of ‘Exodus’

It’s not worth the money to see, says this reviewer. You’ll be disappointed, from several standpoints.

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