AMARILLO, Tex. (BNC) — Christian blogger Mike Riley said Thursday he is “appalled” at famous physicist Steven Hawking’s statement that humans must leave earth and find another planet on which to live, because it reveals “that an educated man such as professor Hawking is obviously ignorant of the most important book in the world — the Bible.”

Hawking believes that humankind will destroy itself and life on earth. To avoid perishing, people must find another place to live.

Mike reminded his readers that all people will leave earth when the whole universe is burned up, but there will be no planet left to go to. Then he says,

After the above event takes place, the Judgment will proceed (Acts 17:30-31; Matthew 25:31-46), the standard of judgment being the words of Jesus Christ (John 12:47-50). After the Judgment, the unrighteous folks will find themselves in “everlasting punishment” while the righteous folks will find themselves enjoying eternal life (Matthew 25:46).

He concluded by contradicting the old saw that ignorance is bliss and stated there is a cure for spiritual ignorance.

Mike posts biblical material to his “Gospel Snippets” blog several times a day. He is a retired public school postal worker.

For all their attention in secular media, celebrities like Hawking have a stubborn habit of emitting foolish and ignorant opinions, refusing to acknowledge the wisdom of Scripture and the knowledge of God. It behooves saints not to pay too much attention to such pronouncements and spend more time reading their Bibles.

Hawking apparently believes, in his blind faith, that by moving to another planet mankind will miraculously avoid repeating its mistake of destroying the world it inhabits.