ABILENE, Texas (BNC) — Edie Connel received a surprise Sunday, Sept. 2, when her son Robert handed her a piece of paper before the church meeting started. On the paper was a poem written in 2012 by her husband and preacher Bob, who had passed away in 2015. A friend in the congregation had given it to the family.

When he shared the poem, Bob was teaching on 2 Corinthians in the Oldham Lane congregation in Abilene TX. Edie told BNC that he often wrote a poem, story, or song for his classes. She didn’t recall ever reading this one. She graciously permitted BNC to reproduce it.

“Strength Through Weakness”
by Bob Connel

“Like a feather blown about
What use, Lord, can I be?
‘I’ll make of you a quill, dear child,
So you can write of Me!’

“A crumpled sheet of paper, Lord –
I’m lying on the table –
Help me smoothly teach Your word
For I know You are able!

“Like a pebble on the beach
I’m warming in the sand.
‘I shall use you in a sling
To halt the devil’s hand!’

“I’m like a little breeze, Lord,
A whisper in the storms.
‘You are the breath I’ll use, child,
To wet the tiller’s farms!’

“Yes, we have weaknesses galore
And know not what to do –
But God knows how to use each one
As we HIS strength pursue.”

Bob worked with the Baker Heights congregation in Abilene from 1976-1985. He was also an editor of Christian Bible Teacher.

Edie is a World Bible School teacher.

“Bob Connel is still sharing the wisdom he gained from his many years of reading and studying God’s word,” Edie wrote.