WARD, Ark. (BNC) — Here at BNC, we’re breaking one of our hard-fast rules today. On the “You Report” page, we state that we do not accept direct fund-raising appeals. We did not receive the following appeal at BNC, but we saw it, posted it on The Fellowship Room, and decided to share it with our news readers.

Our people enjoy giving. Disaster relief and medical missions are big items these days among the churches. But we have a mandate to do good first of all among our own people, Gal 6.10. The examples of New Testament benevolence focused upon the brotherhood of believers.

God is a giving God. In Scripture, the verb “to give” is often found with our heavenly Father as the subject. His people are like him, generous, loving, and kind, starting at home.

This need of an Arkansas preacher’s wife, Sarah Roderick, touches our hearts for several reasons:

  • The couple have insurance, but it does not cover this need.
  • Part of the problem stems in part, apparently, from a birth defect.
  • The amounts needed are high, much too high for the couple, but contributors can make all the difference, since the costs are well within the possibilities of a generous brotherhood.
  • This need has as background the American healthcare debacle that hurts much of the population.
  • The editor doesn’t think so, but the fact that this couple is from his home state and that the wife’s kidneys are involved might be an emotional factor for him. (The editor has but one kidney.)

We do not know Scott and Sarah Roderick personally, but our brother in Christ Ted Knight does. “They come from wonderful Christian families and are themselves very faithful Christians,” he wrote.

So BNC’s exception to the rule is offered to our readers for your consideration. Rather than repeat the information, we urge you to read about their need here and prayerfully consider a generous contribution.