Donations pour in for 9-year-old Eli’s bucket-list wish

eli-williamsMADISON, Ala. (BNc) — Eli Williams is a nine-year-old boy who has spent the last two years fighting medulloblastoma. Scans recently revealed that he had relapsed. Only experimental treatment is an option now.

Before he can do this treatment, he will spend Christmas at home and wants to work on his bucket list, including a trip to Disney World.

Friends began a fund-raising campaign for Eli’s list, and in just two days, the original goal of five thousand dollars was raised to six, after contributions poured in. Continue reading

Oklahoma churches gear up to help tornado victims

moore-ok-tornadoOKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (BNc) — Hardly had the tornado dispersed, congregations in the Oklahoma City area began already to mobilize to help the victims.

The Memorial Road congregation is organizing a disaster relief effort, with a webpage of suggestions on how to help.

Dan Lovejoy noted on Twitter that he had confirmed by telephone that the “Oakcrest Church of Christ at 1111 SW 89th is OPEN for shelter if you lost power or your home.”

Jeremie Beller noted on Facebook: “The Oakcrest Church of Christ is serving as a shelter for members of the surrounding community. I just spoke with someone there and they are asking for donations of water bottles, diapers, baby formula, and blankets. If you would like to bring donations to the Wilshire church building, we will deliver them in the coming days.”

“We are concentrating on the Edmond area and will expand as opportunities arise,” Kevin Rayner, community and senior adults minister with the Edmond church, tweeted.

Another brother noted that his father was transporting people to the hospital in his pick-up truck.

Several members from the South Walker congregation live in Moore, two of whom, Bob Finley, a retired fire fighter, and Malinda Cheshier, lost their homes, Paul Goddard, dean of students at Harding Academy in Memphis, said. Paul is a native Oklahoman.

There are no reports as yet of loss of life among churches of Christ.

One person published a picture of a tornado (above) mirrored in his side mirror as he left the town of Moore.

Other efforts will be noted as news arrives to BNc.

500 kids return to school through Partners in Progress sponsorship program


MAUMELLE, Ark. (BNc) — Five hundred children are back in school. Their parents had removed them from school and put them to work in the fields and sweatshop factories.

Pictured above is a group of elementary kids with Marie-Claire McDonough, who runs this program in Cambodia, with their new book bags.

Bill McDonough’s Parters in Progress ministry sponsors the Back to School Program (B2S) that seeks donations of $25 a year to put a child back in school and provide new opportunities.

Back To School Program (B2S)
Partners In Progress
P.O. Box 13989
Maumelle, AR 72113, USA

Update on church and town of West, Texas, after fertilizer plant explosion

disaster-west-texasWEST, Tex. (BNc) by Denny Wilson — Editor’s note: The following is written by the preacher with the nearby DeLeon congregation, who has been coordinating help through the West congregation.

Ten families from the congregation in West had their homes damaged or completely destroyed. Included in that group was the preacher. His house was three streets from the explosion. Continue reading

Mississippi church helps over 2,200 victims of Feb. 10 tornado

Tornado destroyed homes in Hattiesburg MS

Tornado destroyed homes in Hattiesburg MS

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (BNc) — The congregation of Kensington Woods has helped over 2,200 people in the aftermath of the Feb. 10 tornado, preacher Mike Benson said today.

The tornado hit on a Sunday between 5:00-5:30 p.m. It left a path 21 miles long, causing 83 injuries, but no deaths. Two Mississippi counties, Lamar and Forrest, were hit.

Major damage and destroyed homes totaled in the hundreds: 340 homes in Forrest County, 220 homes in Lamar County. Continue reading

Elba Church Feeds the Hungry

by Glenda Williams, BNc correspondent

ELBA, Ala (BNc) — For years, the church in Elba, Alabama had a small pantry housed in a closet, but they were never able to feed the hungry as they do now.

Recently the church built a family-life annex complete with a spacious kitchen and dining area, classrooms, restrooms, and a large pantry. Located right behind the church building, the annex is convenient to the offices of the church’s minister and secretary. Although the new construction allowed them to continue dispensing food from the pantry to the hungry who came seeking, it didn’t take long for the church members to see the need to step up their efforts in feeding the hungry. Continue reading

Churches aid Arkansas town hit by tornado

Vilonia AR aidVILONIA, Ark. (BNc) – A tornado destroyed part of this Central Arkansas town last night, as a dozen twisters left their mark on the state.

Evangelist Ted Knight noted that his sponsoring church, the Levy congregation in North Little Rock, has already sent supplies and is organizing help for the town residents.

In an email today, Ted wrote, “Our phone has been ringing off the wall, and we are thankful for that, because it shows the interest and concerns of so many for the people in our State who have suffered from the tornados last night. I have been to Vilonia today, and it is just heart-breaking to see what has happened. However, it is a time of opportunity for us as God’s people to once again let the beauty of Jesus to be shown in us.” Continue reading

JAPAN: Missionary plans trip to worst area

Editor’s note: The earthquake and tsunami damage to Japan was so great, that we are sharing a series of stories, emails, and reports. All can be localized under the tag Japan. Following is an email from Marlin Ray, at Ibaraki, sent this morning.

IBARAKI, Japan (BNc) – We are doing well. It is clear and cold in Ibaraki with temperatures near freezing or lower at night and about 45 during the day. We still get aftershocks all the time, probably eight or 10 big ones everyday. I am getting used to them at night so that I usually sleep through most of them. Continue reading

JAPAN: Unstable situation poses ‘dilemma’

JAPAN (BNc) — The preacher’s wife at Ochanomizu sent this unedited email to Dwight Albright Sat., Mar. 26.

Good morning. I will share with you some of the conditions here. It is still quite unpredictable. Yesterday as was told, citizens are fearful because of the nuclear accident, especially from reports that they cannot deliver goods to those living in Fukushima. In the midst of this we are all trying to encourage each other to keep a level head. The stress in children is beginning to be seen. They are writing about this condition with children. Continue reading

2010 Operation Christmas Joy

by Glenda Wiliams, BNc correspondent

GENEVA, AL (BNc) – Joy Galloway, Kellee Jackson, Maggie Moyer and Wanda Cannon worked all year buying items to be packed and shipped to Panama for the 2010 Operation Christmas Joy project. This year’s backpacks were filled for the school in Santa Fe Darien as well as collected teaching supplies for teachers. 206 backpacks, 71 teacher bags, shoeboxes filled with gifts, medical supplies and other items were packed and shipped from the Geneva church building. Continue reading

Spreading the good news with a bucket

by Barbara A. Oliver, managing editor

IVANO-FRANKIVSK, Ukraine (BNc) – One congregation does its benevolent work by the bucketful.

The Judsonia, Ark., church, together with other congregations, is involved in benevolent aid to Sudan, Ukraine, Nigeria, India, Honduras and a number of other nations. With the shipments of aid, they include “family buckets,” five-gallon plastic buckets filled with a variety of household items.

The brainchild of Kathy Cadden in Columbus, MS., the buckets are contributed by numerous congregations in Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky and Missouri.

“These have really been an excellent way of getting urgently needed commodities to those in great need,” said John Kachelman, Jr., preacher with the Judsonia congregation. Continue reading