The Earlyville church of Christ, McMinnville, Tennessee, ladies Bible class is much more than a regular Bible class. It meets Wednesday mornings at 10:00 a.m. The first hour is spent in Bible study, and then the ladies enjoy a pot luck lunch together. Plates are then prepared for shut-ins and delivered later. But that is not all.

The ladies  work on projects for various needs around the community and mission fields. Among the projects being worked on presently, and pictured above, are beautiful hand embroidered quilts for newlyweds in the church, for burn outs in the community, and for new babies born. Some of the ladies sew and make stuffed dogs that are taken to the hospital, Sheriff’s office, and anywhere there are children that need comforting, as well as to the Amerindian children in Guyana. Other ladies make lap robes that are given to the patients in the local nursing home. Two of the ladies sew and make dresses for children in Guyana and diaper shirts for Nicaragua. The ladies also make special decorated pillow cases for the children in the local congregation. The pillowcases have the child’s name on it along with a  special graphic chosen just for them.

Pictured above are some of the members of the class holding items they have made for others.

Armilda Mathis (Mrs. Lynwood Mathis) started the ladies class some 15 years ago right before they moved to another work with the church. Afterwards, Lucille Webb taught the class for approximately 12 years. The current teacher, Sarah Nokes, says she tells the members often, “The most important part of our work is the Bible study.”