MCMINNVILLE, Tenn. (BNC) — The ladies of the Earleyville church of Christ continue making gifts for children in foreign countries. This year the 12-16 ladies who meet every Wednesday for an hour Bible study, lunch, and then work period, are sending different items to the less fortunate in Nicaragua.

Among the items sent this summer are 138 stuffed dogs, 137 dresses sized 1-10, over 300 diaper shirts, enough six inch squares of material to make 201 baby quilts. New mothers sew the quilts by hand during their time at the Costa Maturna, which is a center for maternity care.

Pictured above is Sarah Nokes, ladies Bible class teacher, and Douglas Williams as they pack a bag of the dogs.

Items made are transported to the Westgate church of Christ, Dothan, AL, and shipped from there to the destination.

Williams is the brother of Sarah Nokes and will be transporting the items to the church in Dothan.