MCMINNVILLE, Tenn. (BNc) — The Earlyville Church of Christ ladies ended another year of work May 21, and what a year it was for them. The country congregation is on Short Mountain Road, McMinnville. Each Wednesday the group meets for Bible class at 10:00 a.m., has lunch and is ready to begin work by 12:00 noon. An hour is set aside for Bible class and business discussion after which they eat. The group is ready to work by 12:00 noon.  The ladies work at the church building and often take work home to complete.

The group shipped 235 diaper shirts and approximately 40 receiving blankets to Nicaragua in May. The church has a permanent mission with volunteers called “A Mission Costa Marternal.” Ladies are brought in the last few weeks of their pregnancy. While there they are taught the Bible, and how to make a small baby blanket. After their baby is born, they are given some baby shirts and blankets to take home.

The ladies make small bears and dogs which are given to pediatrician’s offices, the health dept., hospital emergency rooms, families in crisis, or anywhere there are children that are upset.

They also send some to Guyana South America for the babies.  Last year they made and sent out 255 teddy bears. A couple of the ladies made dresses for children and sent 33 dresses to the children in Guyana.

Sarah Nokes, Linda Gilmore diaper shirts for Nicaragua.Each new baby or child that comes into the church is given a hand embroidered pillowcase with their name and their favorite character on it. Examples are musical notes, basketball, soccer, animal, etc. They gave four last year.

The ladies also enjoy quilting. Each new baby born to members of the Earlyville congregation receives a beautiful embroidered baby quilt. This past year they gave four to babies. Each young adult in the church who marries gets an embroidered quilt, all done by hand. The ladies try to keep quilts on hand for those whose homes burn in the community. Last year they gave two quilts to those with such a need.

Approximately 17-18 ladies attend the class, but others in the congregation help do the work from home. Some of the men get involved in the work on occasion.

On Wednesdays after members of the class eat, they prepare and take meals to members who are shut-ins. Last year they delivered 200 food trays.

On the last day of the class year, following their Bible class, the ladies go to a restaurant and eat together. They look forward to beginning a new year the first Wednesday in September.