MADISON, Ala. (BNC) by Jamie Suiter— The ladies of the Madison congregation have started making mats and blankets by recycling what most people throw in the trash.

I talked with Pam Waller at the Madison church July 6, and she said they are using crochet to make mats from plastic bags and blankets from flannel shirts and old blue jeans.

The mats require from 200-500 plastic bags to complete, so they need lots of bags, jeans and shirts, or flannel blankets.

The plan is to have the college age group put a backpack together with a Bible and some tracts to give a homeless man or woman in Huntsville.

If you would like to help with this wonderful project or have questions on how to start doing this in your area, please contact the Madison congregation.

This video shows how to crochet sleeping mats with plastic bags:

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