JACKSONVILLE, Ala. BNC— The bimonthly magazine, House to House/Heart to Heart will mail out 3.2 million copies of their July/August issue, the ministry said July 6.

More than 1,300 congregations are joining together with House to House to reach the greatest number of families ever.​

The Lord’s church is doing great things in this generation! … We know the power is not in us or in you, and it’s not in the design and pictures in HTH. The power is in the gospel that we all proclaim. Join us in thanking God for His providence and praying that this material will reach the right people at the right time to do the most good for the kingdom.

The Fellowship Room administrator Eugene Adkins mentioned that this issue has support from “1,336 churches in 49 states, Australia, The Bahamas, Belgium, England, Cameroon, Fiji, Guyana, India, Malawi, Marshall Islands, New Zealand, Palau, Republic of Kirbati, Scotland, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Trinidad and Tobago.”

The upcoming September issue will answer the popular question, “Why Does God Allow Suffering?”

The ministry also invited more congregations to include House to House in their 2018 budget to reach at least 1,000 with each issue.

Their phone number is 1-877-338-3397.