Vilonia AR aidVILONIA, Ark. (BNc) — A tornado destroyed part of this Central Arkansas town last night, as a dozen twisters left their mark on the state.

Evangelist Ted Knight noted that his sponsoring church, the Levy congregation in North Little Rock, has already sent supplies and is organizing help for the town residents.

In an email today, Ted wrote, “Our phone has been ringing off the wall, and we are thankful for that, because it shows the interest and concerns of so many for the people in our State who have suffered from the tornados last night. I have been to Vilonia today, and it is just heart-breaking to see what has happened. However, it is a time of opportunity for us as God’s people to once again let the beauty of Jesus to be shown in us.”

The Vilonia church’s building is being used as center for accepting and disbursing assistance to those in need, he said.

“I feel confident that the Mars Hill and Liberty congregations are also ready to assist in whatever ways possible as are other congregations throughout the county,” he wrote.

The Levy congregation delivered two 16-ft. trailers this morning, loaded with food, water, and cleaning supplies.

The National Guard and state police have been called to the town to provide support. Senior Corporal David Dixon of the state police noted he had been called last night for duty in the town.

The Vilonia building is located on Highway 64 south of town. Cash funds are going to be needed, and the elders would be glad to receive and disburse this help as well, Ted mentioned.

For more information, contact David Riley, at the Mars Hill church, 501-796-2052, or Marty Knight, at the Vilonia church, 501-269-0450.

Ted and his family have worked closely with congregations in the eastern European country of Romania since 1995.