P1010003WESTVILLE, Fla. (BNc) — Eileen Speigner, 88 years old, is quilting and making blankets for the Geneva County Sheriff’s Department.  The small blankets, both quilted and crocheted, are 36” square or by the width of the material.

The idea was presented to her by a friend she met in the local grocery store.

Knowing Eileen was a quilter, she mentioned about the need of blankets for children that are picked up by the Sheriff’s Department from abused homes, or other situations. She related how toys and stuffed animals are always given, but the children reach for and hang on to the blankets.

Eileen’s heartstrings were touched upon hearing this, and she knew she could make them.

P1010002Today “Miss Eileen” as she is lovingly called, has 12 blankets almost finished. She plans to donate two of the blankets as being from the Geneva Church of Christ, her home church.

“I do not want my name mentioned,” adding “I always try to stay busy,”she said.

As she paused from her work she commented, “As a child I remember my mother used to sit by the fireplace and quilt all the time. I wondered why she didn’t quit. Now I know.”