The news coming out of Ukraine, Nigeria, and other countries where Christians are suffering moves the brotherhood to prayer and assistance. It is comforting to know that our “brothers and sisters throughout the world are enduring the same kinds of suffering” 1Pt 5.9 NET.

We are not in this alone. Temptation tells us no one suffers as we do, so we might as well give it up. But it’s the devil’s lie.

When we become aware of this global reality, which, by the way, has been true of the church since its earliest days, by the foreknowledge and purpose of God, we find strength in this fellowship of the persecuted and suffering. Not commiseration, but communion, in this, too, brings us together.

Little ones make news in heaven’s headlines

BNc covers the small stories as well as the large ones. God has always worked great things through the actions of each one of his people, be they important in the eyes of others or unnoticed by man.

BNc correspondent Glenda Williams has been sharing a number of stories lately from her base in Alabama. She inspires us by her enthusiasm and willingness to contribute.

We’d love to see more brothers and sisters like her who have eyes for God’s little ones serving faithfully in the kingdom.

Tweaks and improvements

After a long time, by the Internet clock, with the same theme, the BNc site now sports its third or fourth new one since its beginning. This after weeks of searching and exchanging ideas with first one, then another, of the folk involved in the site. We’ve tested it to a degree, with the hopes that it will serve us well.

With that, the name of has been simplified as Brotherhood News. Before, we also used the dot-com as a part of the name, but the simpler form seems to recommend itself, especially with this latest theme change.

The former practice sought to emphasize that BNc is available only online and not in print. Perhaps at some point, we’ll also change the abbreviation, but that needs a bit more thought.

As always, your opinions and perspectives are important, and we want to hear them.

We are, after all, brothers and sisters in Christ.